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male or female?

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I have ollie........nearly six months, I want a friend for him.

He is an indoor cat (ragdoll)

What I want to know is: Male or female?

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Hard choice, huh! From my experience, females are a bit more grouchier than the males. We have 3 females and 2 males. The 2 boys like to "pick" on Tigger, but for the most part I think the males are more friendlier, and a lot more lovey.

What is Ollie's personality like?
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I have 4 females and 5 males, and yes, the males do seem to be friendlier...
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I have 8 babes.........6 females and 2 males. I love my girls, but I do find that the boys are most lovey and less tempermental!
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I guess because I have so many, there is really an even amount of loving kitty's in both sexes. I have 2 that follow me everywhere and love to give kisses, one is male, one is female.
I have noticed that red males tend to be really outgoing and lovable. If you are talking about a particular breed, such as another Ragdoll, I have noticed that they males are more outgoing.
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Well, my experience seems to be the opposite of everyone else, the females have been very affectionate and the males have been a little more aloof. I'm sure it really just depends on each individual cat's temperment.
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We have one each and I can't tell which one is the most affectionate one! Sometimes they both are glued to me and I can't do anything else but cuddle them. Other times then they stay away from me for whole day
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I have 2 boys and 2 girls. My boys are much more lovable and cuddly than my girls. My big red tabby boy is the sweetest kitty I have ever had. I love all of them, but if I am looking for a cuddle, definitely the boys. The boys are also much less agressive. My little 6 lb. girl will chase my 20 lb. boy off the food dish any time she wants to. He is so mellow he allows it. I am sure he could take her little head off if he wanted to.
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I have one of each, too. Both are lovey and snuggly in their own ways and times. The one thing I have definitely noticed is that Trent is a lot more playful than Ophelia, especially as they get older (not that they are old...they will be 3 this year). Sometimes she gets really grouchy when he wants to play tag and chase and she doesn't. So, if your Ollie is real playful, I would suggest another male.
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I find my males more affectionate with each other than females with females or males with females. The only male and female I have that are really close are brother and sister, but the brothers are even closer. I have adult male cats that I rescued, one a feral, is in love with all the other male cats. I won't put a label on him, but you can use your own imagination. Of course they are all spayed/neutered so I can't explain the behavior, only testify to it. I have one female who is the mothering type and she always wanted to mother the babies that came into the house. Now that she is getting up in years, she doesn't go out of her way to baby anyone. However, if someone is in licking distance, look out because Heather has got a grooming for them!
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The friendliest, most "I want to sit with you forever" type cat I ever had was a male tabby. The weirdest, nastiest cat I ever had was also a male tabby! The special bond we know about that happens with one certain cat has happened with both my males and females. I think the females might be a bit more aloof, but I hate to generalize. The special bond I have right now is with my female Siamese. The male is extremely loving, and hates to leave my side, but when that special bond occurs, it occurs. They really love each other; although they are not brother and sister, I got them at the same time. Most often she inititates the play and he enters in the fun. She is the liveliest, however.
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