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I see a kitty tongue!

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I finally managed to catch Cotton with his tongue out. He does this all the time but it's practically impossible to get a picture of the little stinker. Luckily I had my cellphone in my pocket, I'd never have made it if I had to go get the digicam out of the other room. (Although the quality's not as good as if I had used the camera, apologies for that!)
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Little sweet petal tongue!
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That is the cutest thing when cats stick out their tongue!!! He looks so sweet!
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Ahhh! Way too cute!!

He looks a little cross-eyed, too.. which makes the pic all the more cute!
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How cuuuuuute!! I love their 'lil pink tongues!!
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Oh my i love it when they stick their tongues out. Sophie normally does it in the middle of grooming herself if she gets distracted.
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That is so cute!
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I've always heard that when they stick their tongue out its a sign that they are happy.

Luna use to do it all the time. Now she does it every so often if she's getting good lovin'.

I love it though!
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What a cutie!
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That is so cute! My cat has the tip of her tonge sticking out all of the time, and when she sleeps there are times it sticks out all the way. It is so funny. LOL The breeder didn't think it was a good trait. But I love it, and was one of the main reasons I wanted her.
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I love when they do that... Hi cotton nice tongue...
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He is so cute! He looks like my granddaughter's cat, also named Cotton. He is brother to Pearl.
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So Cute
My Cat Lulu will lick your hand when tell her 'Kiss' but Jess won't she is quite shy
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