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iis it normal to eat sac before delivery

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a littl bit of sac was hanging out and she eat it. now nothing but little blood. man am I lost or what!!!!!!
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Do you mean the baby hasn't been birthed yet? Maybe she is helping speed up the process. Usually they know what to do. Wait and see, if the kitten doesn't come out in a few minutes, you may have to help pull it out. Please keep us posted.
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placenta????????????was it grey-coloured?
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I am stressed out!!!!!! Yes the placenta. It took about 20 min to finally come out. It is alive Right now. Mama cat is working on her.
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Its still alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No more yet.
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Keep us posted!
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It's quite normal for the amniotic sac around a kitten to bulge before a kitten, the mother licks it, which breaks the water, and the placenta usually comes after the kitten and she eats that too as she chews the cord.
Anymore babies yet?
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Well that was fun! lol We have 2. Both white from what we can see. The first one can out breech and I had to gentle assist in delivery. Momma is doing great. I am going to start a new post tomorrow. Thanks everyone!!
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Is she finished, then? Two little white bubbies ... how is she doing with them? Is everyone clean and nursing?
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It also could have been a late mucous plug. I have had some of my girls lose it just before she delivered a kitten. I am glad to hear that everything is going well.
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Is there only 2... Well looks like she beat Skittles. She is just breathing heavy I think from all the weight
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If I were you, I would print out the birthing details and put them in your pocket. lol I forgot everything when Shrek started. I went dumb. I COULD NOT imagine at least 9 kittens coming out. How is Skittles? Still under the bed? I forget.....When did the Dr say he thought she would deliver?
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She is pacing and her tail is shivering she keeps arching her back.. I never saw the deleivery details If I did it wasnt to detailed LOL... I am lost because she is so big.
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Here is kinda what I saw and think. Shrek was very friendly and needy. I swear for days I thought it was time. could see her belly move and sometimes she looked like she was in pain. Tail quivered alot too. Never saw her back arch too much. When we got home last night my first thought was great nothing again. I went to feel her belly to make sure she was still hanging low and then looked at her bottom. Thats when I noticed the plug. I immediately went to my closet to and she followed and went straight to her nesting box I had made. She had not done this before. She would sniff and get right out and go where she wanted to be. On the way to the closet I noticed her litter box was a mess. I looked in to make sure no babies were in it. When I got to the closet it was also a mess. Somehow she had gotten out my old ballarina outfits that were in a bag in the top of my closet. My old ballet stuff was everywhere. lol I knew this was different. Then she couldn't get comfortable. When I tried to leave she would follow. I could see her push! I checked again her bottom and saw the little bit of sac hanging out. She kept sitting on her bottom. I thought she was plugging it up. lol She made no sounds no panting just pushing. When the breech on was hanging out she started turning cirlces. So I have no clear clues if she had been in labor for a while or just while we were out.
keep us posted. I cant wait.
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I doubt she is in labor but she does leave me puzzled
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It is terribly confusing!!!!!!!! Will someone be with you when she delivers? My husband was here and it was nice to goto him tell him what is going on and him reassuring me. Several times he got on this board and ask questions for me and read the answers. It was great.
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