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Bun in the Sun

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I stopped by the bedroom to pick up the camera and give Miss Cindy a scritch or two on my way out to take a few pics in the back (a few will appear in a different thread). Went on my way, and as I was considering angles for the lilac, I felt a rub on my ankle. I had company. And Cindy ended up giving me more shots than the flowers!

My Bun in the Sun...

This is a bore, Mum...

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She's really enjoying rubbing on those rocks!
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She certainly looks like she enjoyed her afternoon in the sun! What a pretty tortie girl she is !
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Awww, she is really enjoying the sunshine!!
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Lovely pics!
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Wow that's one big mouth!
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
Wow that's one big mouth!
Isn't it just! I couldn't believe she opened that wide at just the right moment!
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She is sunbathing
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She's a sunbathing beauty!
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Cindy certainly enjoyed her sunbathing! Such a beautiful tortie girl you are!
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Nothing like a good ol' sun bath, huh?!?! You just enjoyed yourself to pieces now didn't you pretty little fuzzy butt?!?!
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Aww...Cindy really enjoyed her day in the sun, didn't she!!!

Little love bug!
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She has a grand ol' time rubbing on the paving stones. She was so comfy snoozing on the bed, though, that I was surprised when she appeared downstairs. She's nice company when I'm pottering around in the yard (not that that happens all that often. ) And I enjoy taking her picture out there -- I love her colour against the green of the sun-drenched grass.

Glad you like my girl
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