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Everyone have a great weekend!!!!!

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Well, I don't see a daily thread today, so I thought I'd just say have a wonderful and safe weekend!

Aunt Helen and Uncle Allen (Tiger/Socs) are coming over to spend the night and watch the baby and give him his medicine. I have left all contact numbers, from vet ER, cell phones, where Im gonna be, when to give him medicine and even notes on both the kids favorite places to be rubbed (aka, ears, cheeks, back, etc). I've also signed a blank check, just in case there's an emergency.

OK, I hope that covers all the bases.

I'm going to go do some serious unwinding after the week I've had. I just hope that I can have a good time without worrying too much about the kids. Boy, I'm an over protective dad aren't I? LOL.

Everyone have fun and I'll jump on Sunday, after the Oscars.
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Hope everyone is having a good weekend (especially MeowMan- some well earned r & r time)

I am on the downside of my spring break, and still have lesson plans to write for next week.

Yesterday, I drove across to the east coast of Florida to visit a friend.

Spent a relaxing day today on the back of a motorcyle riding along the beach from St. Peterburg to Clearwater, Florida; a slow ride of about 21 miles and stopping for a couple of noshes along the way. The weather was gorgeous, and the speed was slow enough to ditch the helmet. Some days you understand why people think this state is paradise.

Bought some new furniture for the new house (a daybed for the 2nd bedroom).

Got the kittens a couple of new toys. Squirt actually played with his new mouse and Joey enjoyed putting his new little ball in his shoe and digging it out again.

Tomorrow is looking like chore day: laundry and getting in the mode to go back to work.
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