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Should Dozer have a buddy?

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Well, since Dozer's been home he just seems to get more and more comfortable every day. He's using his scratch post, loves his new litter box, is being spoiled by everyone. (I go out and buy him toys, and then random friends and family members just stop by with more! ) He is lovable to everyone who comes through the door. He's even gotten used to the dog in the house, Piggy. However, he shows small signs of wanting a playmate.

- If left alone in his secluded room during the day he will cry until my boyfriend or I come pick him up. Then he purrs and purrs. But, if we merely sit in the room he will amuse himself for a good 30 minutes on his own. Chasing his toy mice, running thoughout the room etc. We just have to be in the room for him to be able to have a good time.

-At night, we must play with Dozer for a good solid hour before he'll be okay for us to go to bed. We go in there with him and direct him towards the most exausting play we can until he lays down and closes his eyes. Sometimes he's in his carrier, and sometimes not. If not, then we pick him up and put him in his carrier. He adjusts himself and goes back to sleep. He'll be quiet till morning, and then only mews if he hears voices. We know he DOES play on his own, and continues to eat and use the litter box though. He's just quiet about it.

-We've been trying to teach him not to play with hands. He's usually good about it, until he gets into "play mode." Then he seems to think that hands are fun to play rough and tumble with. It's hard to explain, but he ACTS like the hand is another kitten to roll around with.

-Dozer tries to get Piggy to play with him now. Piggy is a huge chow/shar-pei mix. She's 14 years old, going blind, is deaf, has hip dysplasia etc. She's not the type of dog to be a playmate. Don't get me wrong, she's been doing fabulous with Dozer. She's calm and collected. In order to get Dozer used to her Piggy comes up to him regularly and then leaves if he hisses at her. She's tolerant of him playing around her, and doesn't do anything about him pawing her or trying to incite her to play. But, I have a feeling that if Dozer had a playmate, then he wouldn't try to get Piggy involved.

My boyfriend has also been saying that it would be really "cool" to have black cat as a playmate for him. No coincidence that our mutual friend down the street has several 5 week old black kittens at all! I think maybe he just wants his OWN kitten!

The thing is that two vet bills would be very expensive for us. Right now I'm having to have my parents help out with paying for this little guy. Plus, getting another litterbox, more toys etc. for another kitten would also add to bill fusteration (of which there is a lot recently.) I know my boyfriend would help out some with cost, but also time is an issue. Soon, I'll have a new job, and won't be here as often (right now it's like 23/7). He also works. I know that two cats would amuse eachother, but they also need as much human love as possible too. Especially when they're just babies. This little guy alone breaks my heart everytime I have to go to the store. Imagine if I had two pairs of little devestated eyes to look into everytime I needed to run an errand!

So, I guess, should I get him a little friend anyway? Most of the things I talked about seem like things that he might grow out of. But then again, I'm no cat expert. But I would do anything for this little guy, and if a friend for him would make him happy, well then I guess I'm eating ramen next month.

Please advise, and if you think he DOES need a playmate, please tell me if you think he should have a female or male friend, and if you think another 3 weeks is too long to wait. (That's when my friends kittens will be 8 weeks old.)
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its really hard to say.. having 2 cats would be great for each other cuz they should play with each other, really all depends. I'm not much of a cat expert eather, (but I am working on it) but most people i know that have cats have at least 2. I have 2 myself, just got one.. One male and one female. the reason for that is because i was talking to a later at a local pet store/grooming/and pet hotel. and she recomended have a male and a femal if you have 2 because to females could end up fighting or being very teritoral because they are the alpha of cats, now having a male and a female should be fine for the male is more of the efectionate of the 2 while the female is more independent sooo in my opion, a male is fine with a female, (get them fixed unless you want alot of little kitties running around).. Also its not to much more expensive (besides the vet visits) but with food. At our pet store I can get a nice good 6lb bage of Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul (which was suggested by a nice person here on the forums) for 9.99.. And also, I recomened even for one cat to have at least 2 litter boxes, 2 cats, probly 3 or even 4 depending the size of house/apt. But thats my opions, if anything i say is inacurate, please someone correct me.
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This post is not pro or con about adopting another cat...
just some random thoughts about it.

I am not an expert but I have heard that one should never get another cat, with the intention of fixing the first kitty.

I do know that 2 kitties cost twice as much in food, care and vet bills as one.
The thing about vet bills is that you need enough money to cover, not only their annual check-ups but unexpected major emergencies and illness.

As our kitties age...vet care tends to become more intense thus more expensive.
Think long term when adopting a cat or any animal for that matter.
They will be with you for life.
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We have just adopted a new kitten to keep our little guy company because my husband and I work long hours. If they are both kittens, I think it's probably pretty easy to introduce them because they both have been used to being with other cats quite recently, and will really enjoy the extra affection and play. Also, if they are both about the same age, you don't have the size difference worries and the fear of harm that we've had with our kitten and year-old cat. So aside from costs, that is one thing to consider. We are finding it is taking a lot of our time and attention to help these two cats get comfortable and become friends.

If it's mostly the costs you are worried about, you can check into adopting from a local shelter that covers much of that. I know your boyfriend may have his heart set on one down the street, but maybe he would be willing to look elsewhere if it would be easier on the wallet. Where we just adopted our kitten from, they take care of all the initial vet requirements... immunizations, worming, and testing, and offer low-cost spaying and neutering if we bring the kitten back to them when it's time. As for food, I just look for when the local pet stores are having sales and try to stock up!

I'm no expert on this. We are still working our way through the first cat introduction. But it's the same reasons you cite that we decided to get another cat in the first place. There are even shelters around here that ONLY adopt cats in pairs because they say it's better for them. So I understand where you are coming from. Especially as kittens it can be very good for them to be around other cats. I hope this helps!
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Thanks for all the responses so far. Today we have tried putting Dozer in his room for short periods of time throughout the day. He hasn't really been crying, just getting bored and going to sleep after a few. I'm still thinking about it though. Thanks for the tips on saving costs with a shelter kitty. I'll have to look into that.

Oh, and since I'm new on the boards still, I'll go ahead and put that Dozer's roughly 7 weeks old now.
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We have 2...the second one being adopted when the first one was about 6 months old. (The second was about exactly the same age) The only regret we had was that we did`nt get the second one sooner. They have been best buds since about 3 days after they met.
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