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Very Frusturated

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Ok my baby will be 5 weeks old tomorrow. He still doesnt understand kitten food or the liter box...i put some beef flavored fancy feast cat food and mixed it with kmr and he sniffed it and walked away...he walked in it....i put some on my finger and nothing..i even tried to force it in his mouth...and the liter box he walks right out of it i am so frusturated.....i heard if he wont eat baby food he isnt ready and he wont eat that either.....i dont know what to do...it says wean them at 3- 4 weeks and im on the 5 th week and still nothing....i cant say eat this food or no bottle hes still a baby..but when is it enough?? I feel like a bad mommy
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Are you warming it up for him?
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Maybe try another flavour, such as chicken. None of my cats liked beef flavour.

When he walked in it, did he lick it off his feet? Usually that's how they start.
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I have several 5 wk old kittens who are eating and a couple who are not. You can open his mouth and put a little on the roof of his mouth. If he is not interested, he just isn't ready. You will be amazed at the change in a couple of days. Try again in a few days. I think bottle babies are a little slower sometimes. He will get it but it will try your patience.
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Oh, I forgot...try the KMR 2nd step mixed with a chicken flavor kitten food. The Nutro Max kitten food is very yummy to my kittens (a can will go pretty far when mixed with the 2nd step). It needs to be mixed into a thin liquid to begin with and you can move to a thicker mix as he gets the hang of it.
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My kitten wouldn't take KMR mixed with solids or in a dish to lap up. To him KMR came from a dropper and that was that. He also liked the hard dry food soaked in water til soft almost from the start.

It will be less frustrating for you if you consider the guidelines for feeding to be general and not exact milestones.
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I don't start weaning till 5-6 weeks old and it usually takes about another week before they take to eating food other then nursing.

So be patient - 3-4 weeks is too young for most kittens to eat (unless they are abandoned). I make a soupy mix of canned food, warm water and a little kmr and either try to get them to lick a little or push their face into the food and they will lick it off.

At 5 weeks they will walk thru it, etc and make a big mess, but within a week or two they will start chowing down. Let them go another week and then start trying again.
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Please do not take this wrong, but in all your post you have topics like frustrated or in the message. I think you need to take a few breaths and remember all babies are different. Some need more time then other
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All kittens are individuals. It is not uncommon for a 5 week old kitten not to be interested in solid foods yet. I start introducing solids at around 4 weeks old, but they are still getting most of their food from nursing Mom. Just keep offering it a few times a day, and eventually she will figure it out. I had a litter that refused to eat solids until 8 weeks old. Very uncommon, but they just refused, and they had good weight on, so I let them take their time.
I would recommend continuing to warm up the mush and KMR. You might try a rubber tipped baby spoon or a syringe to feed her a couple of times so that she is trying it, but I wouldn't force it.
I have never had an orphan, but I would think feeding the bottle still would be fine, as long as she still is accepting it. A syringe at this age may be easier to feed with. There may be others that have a better opinion on continuing bottle feeding.
Please feel free to rant, I know it can be frustrating when you can read certain websites and it say one thing, but no matter how hard you try, the kitten refuses to be "textbook". While all the websites and advice is helpful, it does just come down to the kitten still not being quite ready for solids yet, but she is doing great. I can tell by the new picture of her. She will surpise you soon, by reaching another miracle milestone, when she does decide to begin weaning.
We will all be here to cheer you and Azriel on, when that time comes.
You are doing a great job, Meowmy!!
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Absolutely...all kittens grow at their own pace, much like human children, and for all of you moms out there, you know what I'm saying!!!

Be patient with Azreal. As long as he's gaining weight at what seems to be a healthy rate, and he's getting nourishment every day, eliminating on his own (whether it yet be in or out of the litter box...hey, at this point, be still could be needing a little assistance from you in this department), and he's beginning to show an interest in playing and acting out predatory patterns of behavior, you know you've got a relatively normal and happy kitten.

Oh, I want to mention that Fancy Feast is an adult wet food...it won't contain the right amounts of nutrients necessary to foster growth and development in a kitten. Kittens need a bit more fat and protein among other goodies, and you need to opt for a canned kitten formula of wet food. Nutro Natural Choice Wet Kitten Food is great...Steuben, who's just 5 weeks ahead of your little guy, LOVES IT!!!! There are also less expensive brands available at Wal-Mart of canned kitten food, as I know that money was an issue in some of your other posts.

Be patient!!! Just keep on trying, and I swear, he will get there!
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