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Now I know why I am a cat person!

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I hate to say it but these puppies are driving me nuts. I am sorry, I don't want to offend dog lovers, but I am exploding inside, and I don't know what to do. It is not their fault but I am not sure how much more I can take of their pooping and peeing everywhere and the smell they are making throughout my downstairs, even though I am cleaning the floor at least four times daily, in fact every time they have done something. The only good thing is that they are in a tiled bathroom with a drain in the floor which makes the cleaning easier. My friend Vicki came today and she thinks she can take them on Friday, as soon as she has seen her current fosters off to Germany. I did want a dog but after this I am not sure I am cut out for it. I have been trying to play with them, and it works a little, but then they just stop and pee, even in their beds or bowls, wherever they are, and they even poop in their food! And I haven't the least idea how to begin to train them or even if it is possible at their age, only 8 weeks. At least as of today they are pronounced flea and tick free. Someone tell me off or offer some advice or I shall go crazy.
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Puppies are cute and I love dogs, but I could never, ever take on another puppy.
Way too much work and mess.
Kudos to for caring about them though, and you have my full sympathy.
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I found a site with tips on paper training: Hope it helps!
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The puppy housetraining link probably says this, but if you take them out 15- 30 min after they eat, they should go potty outside more often. Other than that, I really don't know (sorry).

I wanted another dog after our last one got old and had to be put down, but I did NOT want the trouble of a puppy who has to be housetrained and would chew on everything in sight, especially when he's teething (and especially when I already have a 2 yr old person to pottytrain )! So we knew what kind of dog we wanted (a Boxer or a Cardigan Corgi) and filled out applications with the rescue groups (most fosterhomes for rescues do housetraining and basic command training before they adopt them out) , and checked the humane societies and ended up with a 1 1/2 yr old female Boxer from a humane society about 2 1/2 hrs. away, and we are just tickled pink with her (and she is GREAT with our 2 yr old daughter). Older dogs need homes too, and that may be your solution to wanting a dog, but not go through this again! (though one puppy is a lot easier than a gaggle !)

The other thing you could try is not cleaning up immediately after they make a mess. (ugh, I know... so clean, just not right away ) when they have to live in it when they get hungry they will learn not to poop where they eat (but do this in conjunction with taking them out to go )

Otherwise, just keep repeating to yourself "They are just puppies, they don't know any better...I can do this..."
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Originally Posted by Arlyn
Puppies are cute and I love dogs, but I could never, ever take on another puppy.
Way too much work and mess.
Kudos to for caring about them though, and you have my full sympathy.
we decided a long time ago (after a couple of puppies) that we are just not cut out to deal with the puppy stage. Puppies are a TON of work.

We just got Ed and he's 4-5, which is great. The two dogs previous to him were both 7, which was nice, they were totally mellow, the downside of that is we didn't get to have them too long.

Good luck and stay strong!
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I was lucky, I got the joy of molding my dog to a degree.
He was 9 months when I adopted him and already housebroken and knew a few basic commands.
I just had to crate train him to help with his seperation anxiety, and teach him how to walk on a leash.

He's a pain in the butt and at times appears to have no manners, but he is the perfect housedog.
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Well hopefully you can stick it out till the end of the week without pulling your hair out!!!
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I'm with Arlyn and Jeanor- give me an older dog any day!! Don't you wish you could just litter train them?? I got my dog when he was 7 and already housetranied, no chewing etc. You're doing a good thing though, just keep repeating this to yourself, at least 100 times a day
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Yep, puppies are a lot of work, I have found that out! I will always adopt adult dogs, if I even decide I want a dog after Rain and Pedro are gone. At times when I board the dogs for the day for whatever reason, it is so nice not having them here, so quiet. Don't get me wrong, I love them both very much, but I have to agree with you that I'm more of a cat person for sure!
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My dog had an oops litter about 8 years ago. (I'm pretty sure it was one of the kids who let it happen!) Anyhow, those puppies were adorable, but like you said, all they do is poop! As soon as you clean up, they poop again. And with more than one, it is impossible to know "who done it"!

I love fostering kittens, but I don't know how people foster puppies! PEW! Do you have an outside area where they can spend more time? That is the only thing I can think of...although a bathroom you can hose down is a big plus!

Don't despair of getting your own dog. If you had one puppy, you could easily spend the time training him (or her). Or like others said, get an adult. My current dog was 8 months old when I got her, and was fully housebroken!
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I also cant do the early puppy stage... I adopt adolencent to adult the one to five yr old s... the last little puppy was Joey and I was 4
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at 8 weeks old puppies can learn. It is very hard to deal with more than one.

Somedays I wanna strangle my dogs. LOL but I love them as much as the kitties..but you will notice the ratio in the house...

14 to 2...that should tell ya something lol
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Thanks all for making me feel that I am normal - I think that was what I needed! I was thinking I must be a monster to harbour some of the thoughts in my head. That is a great website and just what I had been looking for but couldn't find - thanks. Vicki also told me about paper training ( see how ignorant I am about puppies!) and I tried it last night. It did help a bit - at least they went on and around the paper and not in the bed and eating areas. They are still very shy and traumatised and won't eat while I am there, so it is hard to 'potty' them at the right times.
I can't take them outside at all - if the landlord discovered I had them I do not know what would happen. He is only just tolerating the cats. And he is trying to get the place looking good because I am leaving and he wants to show it to prospective tenants. He has already retiled the balcony and put new parquet in two bedrooms. I am just terrified he is going to call me and want to come round with someone one evening this week. If that happens I will put the puppies in the large cat carrier and put them in my car for an hour. Tomorrow when the cleaning lady comes I am taking them to the Faculty to get their shots (the vet wanted them to be parasite free and have a few days of good food first), and leaving them there for the day, as she might tell the landlord if she sees them. The stress from all that isn't helping much either.
Anyway, thanks, guys.
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Oh, puppies are such a pain! I'll bet you can't wait until Friday! I'm so glad the pups are parasite free, and on the road to recovery and good homes.
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I so feel for you, i hate the smell of dogs

I really like puppies and other peoples dogs but i dont think i could ever have one of my own!
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The paper is helping (thanks again Tricia) but it was really funny this morning! I cleaned everything, laid down new paper over one large corner and then filled the bowls at the bathroom sink. As I stepped away I slipped on the wet floor I had just washed and fell on my backside, scattering dog food in every direction! I made more of a mess than the puppies had Fortunately only my pride was hurt, and I was able to clean up easily. It scared the pups though - they both retreated even further into their corner.
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Remember shy puppies are different than shy kitties. A kitty must come to trust you on her terms, where I believe a puppy can be convinced that you are safe.

Puppies and dogs are looking for a leader...spend more time petting them and cuddling them. Hold them and pet them until they relax. If they won't eat with you there, I would advise picking up the food bowl and taking it with you when you leave. Then go back an hour later, and offer love and the food again. They will eventually eat with you there! Food is such a good motivator for little ones. And their eventual owners will have friendlier pups.

The fact that they are starting to use the paper is GREAT! Good luck in keeping them hidden from the landlord and housekeeper.
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I wouldn't want another puppy again. Too much work, but I will probably adopt an older dog from the shelter if I decide on getting a dog. I'm too spoiled to the kitties. I can be gone all day and not come home to a mess or have to worry about getting home in time to let them out.

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Thanks Beckiboo. I will try that. I am picking them up which they don't object to, and cuddling and talking, but as soon as I put them down they tend to go back to th e corner. One is friendlier than his brother and will come out if I get down to his level and then he wags his tail and comes and sniffs me and will even play a bit.
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also remember that little puppies sometimes pee when they get excited. They can't help it. It's like us when you have to pee and then a sneeze comes on....don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about ladies!!!
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Oh yes Jenny, I remember those days when I got Jack and Scruffy as puppies!
Just hang in there till Friday..........your doing a great job!!
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I love puppies...provided when they poop it is someone else's mess to clean up! I always hold the puppies at the humane society, but when they poop all over, I'm gone. I'd much rather have an adult problem dog that an un-housetrianed puppy anyday.

As far as litter training, I bought an under-the-bed storage container & filled it with Yesterday's News. Both of my dogs, 50 lbs. & 90 lbs., use it if they need to. It's funny yes, but the little dog has bladder control issues & it helps her a ton! When I don't need it out, I slip it under the bed in the guest room. Easily stored & quite useful.
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Whoo-hoo - the good news is that the pups are going to Germany on Friday! We discovered today that since May 1st Bosnia has been on the list of countries where the Eu does not require a blood test, as long as local papers are in order. So now they have their vaccinations and microchips (done today) they can travel. Vicki has got them a place in a private shelter she works with, from where all the animals are rehomed.

And if I had known the new regulations were coming in, I would not have needed to go to all that trouble to get all the cats blood tested in an EU laboratory (Ellie had to be done twice!). Anyway, it was done and it is better to have over qualified than the other way round.
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That's great news Jenny!

Too bad about the unnecessary bloodwork, though.
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That's great news for the little guys, Jenny! Those are two VERY lucky pups!!
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That's terrific, Jenny! They'll probably find homes quickly, too, as a lot of people here want "rescues" from southern and eastern European countries.
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