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Sunday's DT

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Well was I suprised this morning when I got a call from my sister at 6:30 this morning - her water had broken. She was due on June 8th, but was going to have a c-section tomorrow. The baby decided it didn't want to wait any longer. We left to meet her at the hospital - it is an hour and a half away from were I live. Fortunately they still hadn't taken her for the c-section when we got there. An hour later a was holding my 6.57 pound niece Isabella Killara Pauline. She is beautiful. Both mom and baby are doing well. I hope everyone else is having a joyful day.
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Hey Ady, what a beautiful baby! Congrats on your new addition to your family! Glad you sister had a smooth delivery and the baby is fine.

Happy Sunday to you all. I haven't been on here at all this weekend and I see I have some catching up to do with the threads. I'll have to read them tomorrow, tonight I'm just gonna crash. My company left this morning and I have some cleaning to do now! Yuck, the worst part of having people stay at your house is having to clean up everything after. All the bedding and towels have to be washed, and I slacked on my normal housecleaning, so tomorrow will be a long day!

Have a good evening everyone.
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Your new niece is adorable and I'm glad to hear both mother and daughter are doing well!!
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