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male v female

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Could anybody advise me please?
I have only ever had a female cat,she hs just had kittens,who are all male,I am considering keeping one,but do not know anything about male cats at all and the difference between male and females.
I have asked a few people but all they have told me is the 'down' side of owning a male cat,such as,,spraying in he house,fighting,wandering off etc.
I will have him neutered at six months of age,as recommended by the vet.
I realise all cats are unique,with their own personality,but are there any major differences in habits and temperment between the two?
I would be grateful for any advice.
p.s. my female cat is getting spayed in four weeks
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VERY generally speaking, I've found that males are by far more affectionate then females - esp. neutered males...but that's the only difference I can say - especially since your having him neutered before he starts spraying, all will be well...

My 2 cents...
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To be honest I don't think there's much difference between males and females once they've been fixed. I've only had male cats but I get the impression that if anything, males are a bit more even tempered than females. Most neutered males are loveable and easy going. The spraying, fighting that people are telling you about won't happen if you have him neutered - that's how an intact tom looking for a mate will behave. There won't be a problem keeping a male kitten with your female - unless of course they just don't get on which can happen between any cats and isn't a male/female thing.
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3 of each here.
You are extremely unlikely to find any of the downsides to male cat ownership with a neutered boy.

In fact aside from the fact they are opposite genders, there is no difference between sexes in my six.
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I have 4 females and 3 males I don't see any differences in the sexes.
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I have one female and one male. I find that the male tends to be more even keeled as far as temperament goes. He is less moody, less randomly aggressive, and tends to be more affectionate. Of course, this is all down to personality. But I find (in watching friends' cats as well) that neutered males make lovely pets. Also, if you already own a female, I was told by many (including vets) that getting a male makes a better companion for a female than another female.
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My cat is a boy, and he is one of the sweetest cats ever, except for when he's in 'hunting' mode with me! I would say that when it comes to cats (especially) it's a very individual thing. By observing the kittens habits, you'll probably be able to tell what they will at least somewhat be like when they become older...As far as the 'spraying' goes, I didn't have a problem with it at all, because I got Sherbert neutered as soon as he was able to, and I don't imagine you having any problems either, as long as you would get him neutered when the time comes...
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Well i know this much (still learning about cats and dogs, well pets pierod) Thought I knew alot, but my mom tought me all the no no's.. now i'm trying to get out of those habbits and hope my Cat isnt damaged for life.. Anyways.. to the topic on hand. I found out that Male cats are more the lap cat type, female cats are more well, lets say they have a mind of there own and well leave it at that.. dont forget, the females in the cat family are the known hunters, males arent.... But it does very from cat to cat...

But I could be wrong, correct me if I am.. like i said, i'm still learning.
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Thanks to everyone who has replied
You have put my mind at rest,I will keep one of the male kittens now.
Hopefully they will have a long and happy life together
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An unneutered male will spray sooner or later. He will also want to get out and find females, get in fights with other males, etc.

But neutered males, IMO are one of the best companions. They seem to be more tolerate with other cats and more laid back and social/loving with the owners.

Personally all my females (spayed or not) were a lot more independent and less tolerate of new cats coming in the house.
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I have one female and two males! From what I have noticed, my males are more east going and my female is quite opinionated!

You can never guarantee that they will get on (even being son and mother) but there is a chance that things will go really well!
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Of the 2 whole male cats I've ever known, generally those two were more playful then the 4 females I have ever known.

It's best to keep in mind that every cat has a different personality. When we took in Whitey (neutered male) he demostrated characteristics that Luna, Patches and Beauty all had.
Neither of the male cats I have ever known were lap cats, but my college roommate's male was just generally hyper and loved to play. Whitey is affectionate to a degree. He loves to be the center of attention.

Plus keep in mind too, cats will take on a slightly new personality when homed with another cat. They may get more playful or act timid/shy.
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In my opinion I would say that males are by far more playful and affectionate. I thought that I would NEVER own anything but females-especially since Melody is such a good kitty, but then I saw Uno's face at 12 wks old. and who could honestly resist that face! On his first night home-scared as he was he was already soo affectionate it was crazy. Then I got married and Ginger and Gracie joined the gang-girls are just as fun but boy they have CATITUDE! My husband recently brought Dusty home as a stray and he and Uno are best buds and by far the most active, affectionate pals anyone could ask for. Uno follows me wherever I go and sleeps either with me or in the cat tree keeping watch over me to make sure I don't leave him in the night. My only warning about males is that as they get older they have the tendency to become blocked toms-as a vet tech I see this frequently, but it will never stop me from owning a male kitty. With proper nutrition and a close eye on early warning signs of blockage I will always have male kitties. I LOVE my females but I get a kick out of watching the boys play and enjoy life to the fullest! There is my 2 cents worth-for what it is worth. Good luck and enjoy the new man in the house! Please send pictures-I know we would all love to see them!
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Thanks again for all the advice..
Kittycorner..... sorry,what do you mean when you say your male gets 'blocked'
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I think she means a urinary track infection.

my male jupiter is so laid back its crazy. But my female Maverick is my baby,she's so lovely and funny and has so much attitude!

They are mother and son and get on fine.
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I've had many cats of both sexes throughout my life, and GENERALLY speaking (each cat is different), I've found my neutered males are more affectionate, playful, and in general all around nicer to be around. My queens were ALWAYS opinionated, hehe.
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Originally Posted by Lilicat
Thanks again for all the advice..
Kittycorner..... sorry,what do you mean when you say your male gets 'blocked'
A "blocked Tom" means that males tend to get a mucous plug in the shaft of theri penis and that does not allow for them to pee. After a few days the urine gets blocked in the bladder and then into the kidneys and then it starts causing stones and urinary tract infections. Like I mentioned before-if on a good diet and with close observation to urinary behavior and patterns this should not be an issue. If this does happen if you get your kitty to the vet quickly usually it is easilt taken care of with some light sedation and a urinary catheter placed for a few days.
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Thanks again everyone for your advice.
Sorry one final thing,would the other tom cats in the area be o.k. with my tom untill he is neutered? Our vet wont neuter him untill six months of age.
Would he be picked on and chased etc?
Thanks again
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Don't let him outside until he is neutered.
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