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My new cat

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Hi, I just recently got a new kitten and noticed after I got her home that she has six toes on each of her front feet and five on back feet. She is a yellow tabby. Can anyone tell me anything about this? I've never seen one before. Thank you for any help you can give. Mag
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It's considered a genetic mutation.Cat's like this are called polydactyl. It just means she has an extra set of toes, it doesn't hurt them in any way. Most people with polydactyl cats think it's great
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I do think my new kitten is wonderful. Her toes are unique. I appreciate your reply and information, Sandie. Thank you.
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Ohhhhhh! I just looove poly cats!!
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After my origional post, I noticed that on one of my kitten's feet, she has seven toes and six on the other. I'm naming her Mittens! She's so cute when she's grabbing at your hands with all those toes. I'm happy that I found her. I found a little more info on these cats on the web. Thank ya'll for the help. When I can get her to stay still long enough I'm going to get her pix. Mag
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One of my friends has 2 polydactyl kitty's. He was very clever, and named them digit and toey
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My family is totally intrigued with Mittens. They love her, especially my grandchildren. They think she's wonderful. Mag
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I don't know a whole lot about polys but I thought I would share a couple tidbits with you...

Ernest Hemmingway had a whole horde of cats at his home. He actually preferred polydactyl cats so much that he only kept polys so they would breed and produce more (being a genetic trait/defect). The decendents of those cats are still at his home, now a museum.

In parts of Asia, polydactyl cats are considered good luck and command really high prices. If a poly cat is yours you are supposed to be granted good health and fortune.
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I had read a thread a while ago (and I forget who it was from), but someone was adopting a hemingway cat..... I wonder whatever happenned with that?? anyone know?

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Thanks for the story about polys, Heidi. How neat to know that Hemmingway kept these cats. I consider myself to have had good fortune in finding my cat. I think she chose me instead of me chosing her. I had no intention of getting a new cat when I came upon her. Can anyone tell me how to post a pix of Mittens?
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Here's a pix of my cat Mittens. Her eyes have a glare in the picture, but they are blue with a little gold. Isn't she wonderful.
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Oooh she is beautiful!! It's really a girl? Wow, girl orangies are rare! And so are, I think, poly with 7 on one and 6 on another! Truly a one of a kind kitty!

My my, what big paws you have!!

The better to swat you with my dear!
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Mittens is really cute. I love her feet!

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She is a little darling (and I'm sure she knows it!) Love those big kitten paws!

Doesn't it make you feel special when a little fuzzy angel chooses you? I swear they have a sense about that...knowing who to go to. Just ask Hissy, who has the "Ferals Come Home" neon sign that only kitties can see up on her roof!
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Here is my polydactyl his name is Barty. That is his brother Bailey above him, though of the same litter, Barty was the only poly born. It is actually a trait that was caused by inbreeding through Ernest Hemingway's colony of cats.
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I knew there was inbreeding in there somewhere concerning Hemmingway's cats, but I couldn't remember if the inbreeding cause the polys, or if he inbred to create more. Thanks for clarifying Hissy.

Barty is just adorable, too, BTW. Black fluffy kitty with big tooties - what more could you ask for?!?
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Aren't they just great with those big feet? I've owned a couple of poly's and was always amazed when I looked at the feet. One hint I will pass on to you. Hopefully you haven't and will not declaw this beautiful baby. However, keep an eye on the extra thumb. One of my poly's had a problem with the claw overgrowing and sticking in the bottom of his pad. You may need to trim it more often.
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It was growing at an alarming rate into his foot, thankfully the pad it was attached to was also just hanging from a thread and the vet just cut off the whole thing with no problems. Had it been one of his regular claws, I would of tried to find another option for the problem that was being created.
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Hissy, that's a shame about your kitty's dew claw. The polys are really cute. Mittens looks as if she's ready to play left field in the kitty softball league. She's adorable. So are your babies, Hissy. I couldn't see their little feet, however!
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