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What kind/brand of food because i did some reading and found some interesting facts, that you shouldnt feed your cat food that the ing start with grain meals, should start with meat, but then the next problem is that you DO NOT want to feed your cat with food that has meat by-products because it containes eather dead, dying, decaying, or deased meat products and stuff that dont have liver cuz of the toxins.. sooo every brand i read has that stuff in it... where can i go to get the stuff that is good for my cat and kitten?
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I use Nutro Natural....
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This is a favorite topic, and there are many, many threads on it..if you put in keywords such as "best cat food" or "favorite cat food" using the search function here, you'll bring up a lot of replies.

There are a lot of great brands out there, depends on what you can afford and what you can find (or if you are willing to buy online and have it shipped to you - for that petfooddirect.com is probably the largest source on the 'net).

I like brands such as felidae, petguard, natural balance, nutro's natural choice complete care line, chicken soup for the cat lovers soul, california natural chicken and rice, Innova's EVO, and for wet foods as well as dry.
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o.k. thanks.. i love my new kitty and my old kitty isnt loving it as much though hehe.
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