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Tooth Loss?

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Everyone has been so helpful, I had to post this question. Got up this morning and found, what appears to be, a tooth on our sofa. Its not very big so I doubt its from the dog. The cats really have no intention of letting us look inside their mouth.

Has anyone ever experienced this before? Is it possible that a cat coud just lose a tooth like that?


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Is your cat still a kitten? They change teeth at around 6 months...
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I'm afraid not. My Spynx and Ragdoll are three years old; Our Feral is about 5.

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How long has it been since your cats have had a complete check-ups by their vet?
If you have any doubts...it is critical that your kitties be examined right away.
Because cats, as a survival mechanism, tend not to show pain, one or both cats might have a serious mouth infection, and need treatment.
Please...take them to a vet Greg.
Let us know what you find out.
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Thanks for the advice. I think the tooth might have come from the dog. She lets me look into her mouth, and the size and shape are almost identical. I will keep checking on this, but the cats seem okay. They behave well, but they also are still eating their hard food. I'm not sure they would be able to eat hard food very well with any real mouth problems.

The dog, on the other hand, chews nothing; she sucks everything down as fast as she can.

Thanks again

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That's interesting.
I hope that your dog's mouth is OK.
Thanks for letting us know.
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i would take your dog to the vet.... i dont know if they should loss teeth or not
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My 2 oldest cats ages 17 and 10 have both lost one of their "fangs". Grizzly was checked at the vet and her tooth area is good. I just noticed Ox's this week as he must have recently lost it as a couple of weeks ago he wasn't eating much dry food but more moist food. His tooth area looks good but I will have the vet check for sure due to his age (17). My vet said that they are do just fine without the fangs.
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