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Hi to All

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Hi everyone,
I'm new to the cat forums, though I've already posted a question I had about one of my kitties in Behavior!

Well, I guess to introduce myself, I have two cats - Aidan, an orange male who everyone says is a Momma's Boy, and Mina, a calico who is the biggest lap cat ever. I couldn't be more lucky to have these two with me. I have been owned by Aidan for 5 years and Mina for 4, both since kittenhood. They both get along great with each other - I'll have to post some cute pix once I have them scanned! I got them both when I was in college, and now I am in a PhD program, and they have been a saving grace to me when I most needed it.

A little about myself - I grew up in California, am a Texas A&M graduate, and am currently attending the University of Michigan for my PhD, though I will be moving down to Atlanta, Georgia, in about 3 months because my advisor got a job down there (it seems I am moving eastward).

I guess I don't have a lot to say other than this forum is a really great thing and I am so happy to have run across it. Thanks and more to come!
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Your babies sound adorable! I'm glad you found us and wish you happy posting!

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Hi! It's nice to have you with us. I assume, by your profile, that you are a science major, or a science fan? We'll look forward to your posts. What's the subject of your doctoral thesis? Hi to the babies too!
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WELCOME!!!! and have fun here!
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Hi...Thanks for the welcomes! To Jeanie, yes I'm in science! Oops..forgot to mention that. My thesis project is on fatty liver or more scientifically "hepatic steatosis". There is a large problem with people and their livers becoming fatty (actually, I just found out in can happen in cats too), like because of diabetes, obesity, alcohol, or like if you have Hepatitis C Virus. My thesis is going to be about whether or not these things (I'm focusing on alcohol and HCV) cause fatty liver by the same mechanism or different. Once we figure that out, we can also help people that are on liver transplant waiting lists. There is such a deficit in livers, mainly because most donor livers are fatty and can't be used, so people wait years to get a liver. Hopefully my little bit of research can help overall. :tounge2:

Sorry to go on...I could talk about science all day! Sorry I still have not scanned my babies, but I will soon! Hope to learn more about everyone as well!
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Hi and welcome! Good luck with your thesis project!
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Hello to all I too am new here thanks to Maren. Thought I'd respond just to say that Maren is correct in the way she describes both of her cats. I have had the privlage of meeting both these cats.

My cat is 16 & her name is Smokey. She's a very small thing. I've had her since she was 8 weeks old. Unfortunaly she is also a very sick kitty. She has CRF, but I'm not ready to give up on her yet so I do a lot of extra things to make sure she is comfortable.

Any way glad to be here & happy posting :tounge2:

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Hi, Angie. I'm so sorry to hear about your cat. I hope she's comfortable for a long time. It's so hard on us when they're sick. Welcome to the site. You'll find very friendly and knowledgable people here.
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Welcome to both of you!
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