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Meet the new addition....cute kitten pic

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This is the latest addition to the family, Olivia, 8 weeks, a smoke and white long-haired cross persian kitten.

She's great - perfectly litter trained, eating solids (loves her food!) and doesn't seem to be missing her mum too much.

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Awwwweeee~What a little beauty!! I couldn't have resisted either. I'm a sucker for longhaired babies. lol She looks very happy & healthy, I like her name, Congrats! How are your other babies doing?
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My other babies - Amelia, Leo, Theo and Boris are doing very well thanks. They are extremely friendly and all 4 are turning into lap kittens (hope they stay that way into adulthood). I adore them. The 3 boys are quite big built...which is strange as their mum, Tinkerbelle is the tiniest little thing being of siamese heritage. Their dad must have been a big moggy!

I really had to think hard about bringing Olivia home. My mother thinks I'm mad for having 6 cats...nevermind 7! Luckily hubby fell in love with Olivia when we saw her and agreed that she would be our last cat for many years to come. I've always wanted a long-haired cat..now I need to read up on grooming long-haired cats!
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Awe, so glad to hear your babies are doing well, I just had a litter of 2 & the little boy is built like a mack truck..lol We have 9 Persians well 16 including kittens, So grooming here is constant, If you ever need any advice or tips, feel free to pm me. Just keep her brushed everyday & she should stay beautiful!
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She is very cute Congratulations with your new kitten!
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Oh my-shes gorgeous!!
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Oh, she is lovely! I was tempted to keep one long haired kitten from my last litter...they are very cute, aren't they?!? Congrats on adopting Olivia!
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She is absolutely gorgeous! Looks a little like a maine coon kitten..... what a doll
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UGH!!!! Look at that mug!!!!

Olivia is a gorgeous kitten...congrats to you for giving her a home! She's so pretty, I could eat her!!!! I too am a softy for long-haired breeds. Daily brushing is all she will need to maintain her coat...but it will need to be done daily.

You're so blessed!!! She's beautiful!
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Awww thanks guys for your lovely comments

Olivia is a little gem. I feel so happy when I see her playing in the cat tree or with her new brothers and sister..or when she comes and rests her head on my feet and falls asleep.
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