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What the heck is my cat doing?!

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Backstory: My family has 4 cats. The youngest, Eddie, is over a year old. He's always cuddled up and slobbered all over your neck and hair or sucked on your ear.

Problem: So, I'm laying in bed, sleeping, and I'm woken up by Eddie meowing, licking, and biting me. It kind of goes "meow, meow, lick, bite, meow". And he does it over and over and over. So, I tried petting him, he just kept doing it. I tried covering myself up in blankets, he just meowed his head off. I ended up taking him out of my room and closing the door, being bitten several times in the process.

This has happened again, 3 more times, once waking me up again (I have since stopped letting him sleep in my room), and two times randomly. He's doing it right now, actually. I've tried everything I can think of. It's driving me crazy. I don't know what to do! I don't know whether he's in pain or if he'd just being weird!

He's become friends with a stray cat. The stray calls for him every morning and Eddie goes off and plays. I'm not sure if this could have osmethign to do with it. It's really cute though.

Your thoughts and advice are greatly appreciated!
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He's your alarm cat, letting you know it's time for breakfast. Just be glad he doesn't do what one of ours used to - pull the chain of the wall-mounted lamps on either side of our bed. Nothing like a blast of light to get you up!
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Cats are very smart, I'm sure he's learned that he can wake you up that way!
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Is Eddie neutered?
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Thanks for your replies!

Yes, Eddie is neutered.

Eddie's doing it when I'm awake now, too, so I don't think the whole point of it is trying to wake me up. I don't think it's for food, either, because he didn't want to leave my room.
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He's basically letting you know he's there. You know, "LOOK AT ME!!! Wait...you're not looking at me... [chomp]...now you are...[lick lick]." Sounds like attention-seeking behavior.
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My solution for Cleo's varied attempts at waking me up on her schedule was to ignore her until she stopped. It didn't work right away, obviously, but with some persistence she eventually gave up. She tried the meowing, then she tried batting my eyes and nose with her paw, and eventually resorted to hair pulling. When all that didn't work she gave up.
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