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Pictures of Voodoo's Persian Babies

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Well, Here are pictures of Voodoo's babies. They have been doing wonderful & the little boy is starting to open his eyes. They will both be staying here with us at Kessjillian. They are all we have been hoping for & we also hope they will continue to only get better so we can show one of them. The little boy is a little tank, He has no neck, just a doll. I will be doing a photo shoot with Hope's babies tommorrow so I will post them.Here is a picture of Callie to hold you They are very entertaining little creatures. I hope you enjoy these...

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Aww, precious sleepy babies!! They look so cute and round. So both are staying with you? Wow, that is awesome, will they both go into your breeding program? Do you have names yet?
While I love the picture of Callie, you are going to make me wait for the little blue and white kittens picture. LOL, I will try to be patient!!
It looks like Voodoo is doing a great job!!
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Yes, They will both go into my program if they continue to look this good. Keeping fingers crossed. Since Voodoo's nickname is "Waffle" The little boy's name is "Kessjillian's Leggo My Eggo", Ego for short. I am trying to think of a name similar for the little girl. We have been calling her Moo Moo Mrs.Cow??? Giggling becaues I can't believe I just wrote that, Some names just stick when your cuddling them. lol It has been so crazy here, I haven't gotten alot of good pictures of them,The little Blue & white girl is going to need a special home, she is very reserved no matter how much I work with her, She just hasn't warmed up. I don't know why, She has been handled like the rest of the babies and they stay right with me constantly. I think it might be her personality. She is a shy little beauty. I do have a wonderful picture of Mardi Gras (blue&white) But it was so dark, I will share:

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There faces are so cute. I love the way they sleep. Cali won me over...
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I had to call my friend and let her look at those sweet little faces ... very, very cute.
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They are all gorgeous
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Originally Posted by gayef
I had to call my friend and let her look at those sweet little faces ... very, very cute.
Awe Thank You, what a nice compliment. I just love the way they sleep too, They are both so chubby. I love kissing their little fat tummies. We really have high hopes for these babies. Eggo has his eyes opened fully today. What a cutie!
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Those are the cutest little faces I have ever cudley! Jemima (like aunt jemima) is a cute name...she makes breakfast food? lol
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I LOVE those cute little flat faces! They get that way from soooo many kisses If I had a million dollars and a much bigger house... I would have them all
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AWW!! They all won me over, with those smushed 'lil faces. They are way too cute!!
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How very precious! Their markings are beautiful! I like the name Jemima, too. I was thinking Mrs. Butterworth, but really, Aunt Jemima sounds so much cuter!
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Mardi Gras is just beautiful!! Doesn't she know if she comes out of her shell, she will be pampered with love!! She is a diva already, she knows she beautiful, and only wants attention when she wants it.

I am going to have to laugh everytime I see Moo Moo Mrs. Cow. What a cute name that fits perfectly!! You can call her Elsie for short.
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they are adorable!! they look so fat!! my 4 are 9 days old and are so fat!!
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