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Michigan Meet-Up!!! (Maybe!!)

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Well, I for one am interested in doing a Michigan Meet-up now that the weather is nice(er). And as we Michiganders know nice weather may not last long. So... How many of us are out there? I found 22 from Michigan but some may not be here any more and some may be too far away, so where is everone in Michigan from?

I'm near Grand Rapids.

Once we find out where people are from we can discuss a possible meet up!!!

Silly Jilly

Also what about possible Canadian members near the MI border!!!??
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Where have all my michiganders gone???
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I'm in Warren. I have a male neutered cat named Simba and my 'baby girl' Kassie, recently spayed during her c-section 2 wks ago. Kassie has 2 kittens that we are unsure of the sex as of yet that we named Squeaky because that's all she did after she was born and the one that we had to feed with the dropper for the first day we named Lil Guy. As I said...not quite sure of the sexes yet, so I hope Lil Guy is a guy!

Aside from Kassie making me a new grandma for the first time, my daughter also made me a grandma exactly one wk after Kassie's babies were born. My granddaughter was born on May 4th, 2006 @ 4:34pm weighing in at 7lbs 9ozs and 20 in long. She came on my birthday!! So we get to share our birthday...what a gift!!!

I honestly don't know if I'd be able to do a meet-up, but will keep an eye out for if anything that gets in the planning. If my family schedule can allow it then it may be possible.

Take care;
a fellow Michigander
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Hello Dere' SillyJill,

I am another of those 'ganders ....

I'm in Jackson and my location is 30 miles west of Ann Arbor and 30 miles south of Lansing.
I've always been one not to travel far from home and these gas prices are really encouraging me to stay put.

I'd say that depending on where and when, I might be able to show up if a meet ever happened.

I don't get to The Cat Site every day, but if you ever want to reach me, you can send email from my web site. The link to it is in my signature.

BTW.... right now I'm not too sure winter is really over the way the weather is going.
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I am near Grand Rapids and I would be interested in a TCS Meet Up!!
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I live in Allegan, somewhere between Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo and Holland. Looks like we all live relatively near by, haven't seen anyone from up north yet.
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PM me when you know where it's going to be, I only live 3 or so hours from the border (closer to Port Huron). I might be able to go
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Hey Michiganders!

Wow, I guess I'm on the wrong side of the state I'm in the Detroit Suburbs.

Depending on when and where I'd be interested. Maybe we could do a halfway point such as Lansing or even Jackson/Battle Creek.
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Another Easterner, here -- Dexter, which is just west of Ann Arbor.

My three cats are Pumpkin (oldest, but newest, just got her one week ago. She's 6-8, 12 lbs and the proverbial curious cat Trick (one of two semi-ferals, the braver of the two at a mere 6 lbs) and Treat (the semi-feral sister weighing in at 8 lbs and the coward of the lot, but the lovingest, if she'd just get over her fear!) The sisters are just 2.5 years old. And, due to their lack of socialization, a real challenge.

My travel schedule is limited by my husband's extensive travel for business, but depending on time and location, I'm always up for new friends!

Great idea, Jilly!
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I'm from around South Haven Area, work near Holland, and have a place up near Fremont as well. If the time and place is right I would be interested.
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Yea another East Coast person!

Just keeping this thread on the first page for any more TCSer's from Michigan.
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I agree that meeting somewhere near Lansing would probably work best, seeing how it is in the middle of the state. Maybe some people could even carpool.

So Jilly........you want to be the one to try to organize this? I would love to help any way I can!!!
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You got me!!! Posted before me!

Well, there you guys are!!!

Maybe we could set up two meet-ups, one for the West Michigan side and one for the East Michigan Deroit side. Then maybe Miss Mew could make one too! Then maybe most of the Michigan members would be able to do it! What do you guys think?

Let me add more in the next post!
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OK... I have talked to Hubby and he knows that he HAS to go with me if we do it in Lansing as I am a big scaredy cat when is comes to driving far by myself and I hate diving in bigger cities. (too many people!) So he gets to drive!

Show of hands who would like it to be in Lansing and would come if date and time permit!!!

Then we need suggestions of what to do, and dates that won't work for people so we can work around that!
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My hubby's annual vacation is from about 6/27 - 7/8, and the first weekend, we are in Charlotte (for the annual bluegrass festival) then over to Burton, sometimes we spend a few days around the fourth, up north, past Saginaw. But hopefully, I could get the rental car from my hubby & meet up. Pretty much anywhere should work, since I'm from CA, and a 5-8 hour drive is the norm for me, no matter where I go - whether to San Diego, Sacramento, Las Vegas, etc. It does sound like fun! And if Ontario, Canada would be better .....
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I'm up for a Lansing meetup! I know right now that I won't be in town June 9-11. My first real vacation (meaning taking off from work AND traveling) in two years!!!

I should start finding out who's in the Windsor, Canada area too. I'm only 15 minutes from the border.
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Originally Posted by SillyJilly
OK... I have talked to Hubby and he knows that he HAS to go with me if we do it in Lansing as I am a big scaredy cat when is comes to driving far by myself and I hate diving in bigger cities. (too many people!) So he gets to drive!

Show of hands who would like it to be in Lansing and would come if date and time permit!!!

Then we need suggestions of what to do, and dates that won't work for people so we can work around that!
If the time and date is right, maybe you could catch a ride with me seeing as I will be going past you. I don't know the Lansing area too well but I do travel to Detroit quite often. I am on vacation July1-9 and will have to check with bf when a date is suggested to make sure there is no work on the farm.
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I'm open for ANY Sundays and can finagle most any Saturday to be free.

What are peoples thought on July 7th? That would coincide with crittergirl & or CA friend catsknowme. Is it too close to July 4th for people?
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I up for nearly any time or date if it's in Lansing, as long as I remember when the time is settled.
Shoot, my daughter called on Mothers Day and planned to take me to dinner yesterday. Of course I forgot all about in in one days' time. She called and I said "Uh Oh".

Of course it would be me and my mate because I have no sense of direction and don't drive long distance anymore.
I can say that none of my furballs would be making the trip. They are bigger home-bodies than I am.

I do have notifications coming on this thread so I can keep up with what's going on so that should help the old memory.
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I may not be able to do the Lansing thing on July 7 as I will probably be up in Fremont. That is a haul to Lansing, plus I may have guests up there that weekend.
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Hey wait - July 7 is a Friday!

What about July 9th as the Sunday or Jilly if you can get July 8 free?
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boy thats what i get for tring to hurry and read date... either works for me!!!
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Another option may be going one more weekend out. Unfortinatly we may miss out on catsknowme vay-cay time here.
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I can do July 9th or the 16th!

I am somewhat familar with parts of Lansing. I am not sure what type of resturant everyone would be interested in. There is a Red Robin, Applebees, Bennigans and a TGI Fridays.
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Oh you so read my mind. I was going to ask what is there to do in Lansing? Are there any like museums or like the Fredrick Meyer Gardens in case they don't just want to eat?
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Things to See & Do in Lansing


Dining and Nightlife in Lansing


I have never been to lansing, but I have driven by it a few times
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It's been a few years since I've been to Lansing, so most of what i remember is hidden far back in memory!

I remember a wedding I went to (When I was part of a quartet) that was off of Martin Luther King Blvd. It was along the Grand River and quite pretty there. I've seen ads that there is a boat that goes along the river with a show and dinner.

I can do either weekends (9th or the 16th) as well.
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I`ll keep watching here to see when you are having the get together and will come if possible. My parenst live just 20 minutes south of Lansing in Charlotte, so i could even go up there the day before and spend a little time with them.
Thanks for the invite Silly Jilly!
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It looks like there are a ton of things to do in Lansing, we'll have trouble deciding There are also tons of restaurants and parks. Here are a few things that people might be interested in.

MSU Horticulture Gardens
A-240E Plant & Soil Sciences East Lansing, MI 48824
Phone: (517) 355-0348

The MSU Horticulture Gardens and 4-H Childrens' Garden invite you to take a leisurely stroll through colorful floral displays. Highlights include a formal rose garden, an indoor butterfly house, a tree house built of twigs, a musical sidewalk and more.


MSU Dairy Store
2100 S. Anthony Hall Michigan State University East Lansing, MI 48824
Phone: (517) 355-8466

Learn first hand how cheese, ice cream and other dairy products are made, then sample the freshest ice cream you'll ever taste.

MSU Museum
Michigan State University 103 Museum Drive East Lansing, MI 48824
Phone: (517) 355-2370, Fax: (517) 432-2846

The MSU Museum has three floors of exhibits devoted to natural and cultural history with an emphasis on the Great Lakes region. Halls of continuing exhibits are devoted to world cultures, evolution, animal diversity and heritage.


Abrams Planetarium
Michigan State University East Lansing, MI 48824
Phone: (517) 355-4676, Fax: (517) 432-3838

Public shows on weekends. Group shows by reservation on weekdays. Star line, 24-hour recording, 332-STAR. Program information, 24-hour recording, 335-4672. Rediscover the wonders of the universe.


Kresge Art Museum
Michigan State University 127 Kresge Art Center East Lansing, MI 48824-1119
Phone: (517) 353-9834, Fax: (517) 355-6577

Experience over 5,000 years of intellectual and artistic development with Greek, Roman, Egyptian, African, Asian, Islamic, pre-Columbian, European and American works of art and artifacts. Admission to Kresge Art Museum, on the campus of MSU, is free.


MSU Barns - University Farms / Animal Science Dept
1290 Anthony Hall East Lansing, MI 48824
Phone: (517) 355-8383, Fax: (517) 353-1699

Visitors can observe milking procedures every afternoon on MSU's dairy farm. Visit the farms of beef cattle, dairy cattle, sheep, horses, poultry (chickens and turkeys) and swine. Allow approximately 30 minutes for each farm.


Burgdorf's Winery LLC
5635 Shoeman Rd. Haslett, MI 48840
Phone: (517) 655-2883, Fax: (517) 655-7456

Burgdorf's winery has a unique tasting room/gift shop open to the public on Friday, Saturday and Sunday or weekday appointments. Updated seasonal open hours will be posted on the web site. Custom wine, labels and gift baskets are available. Customers canuse the facility to make their own wine with the guidance of our trained staff. Wine tasting is available during open hours or by appointment. Small group gatherings, for private wine tasting are welcome. Visit the website www.burgdorfwinery.com or call517-655-2883 for more detailed information.

http://www.burgdorfwinery.com Email: wine@burgdorfwinery.com

Michigan Historical Museum
702 W. Kalamazoo Lansing, MI 48915
Phone: (517) 373-3559, Fax: (517) 241-3647

Surrounding visitors with Michigan history from prehistoric times through the late-twentieth century, 26 permanent galleries on four levels include a walk-through copper mine, one-room schoolhouse, 1957 Auto Show, S&H Greenstamps Store, and more.


Potter Park Zoo
1301 S. Pennsylvania Ave. Lansing, MI 48912
Phone: (517) 702-4730, Fax: (517) 702-4736

The beautifully landscaped 100-acre park, gardens and zoo are situated along the Red Cedar River and features more than 400 animals from around the world including rhinos, red pandas, tigers, snow leopards, wolves, eagles, and more. Open all year.


J & K Steamboat Company
P.O. Box C Grand Ledge, MI 48837
Phone: (517) 627-2154, Fax: (517) 627-1139

Enjoy an old-fashioned riverboat cruise on the big paddle-wheeler of the Grand River, the Michigan Princess, or the intimate Princess Laura. February 19 to December 31. Enjoy themed evenings such as murder mystery theatre or musical entertainment.

http://www.michiganprincess.com Email: miriverboat@aol.com

Sundance Riding Stables
9250 Nixon Rd. Grand Ledge, MI 48837
Phone: (517) 627-5500, Fax: (517) 622-1427

Saddle up western style at Sundance Riding Stables. Hourly and daily horse rentals, open riding, pony rides, riding lessons, hay rides and private parties. Also enjoy the Midwest's largest indoor riding arena.


Or we could just have a picnic at a nice park and enjoy our beautiful summer weather
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Wow, lots of great ideas so far, when I get home from work I will have to check them out better. Anyone know any Widsor, Cananda members? I know it was mentioned but i haven't had a chance to look and see if I could find any. I'll have to go over to that Canadian thread from a week or so ago and read where they were all from!

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