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My cat plays fetch

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I buy my cat a bag of toy mice about once every 2 months. And she loves them! She rips their tails off and spits them out before she will play with them. I take one, throw it and say hurry, hurry, hurry. And she brings it back to me!

Does anyone have a cat that does this?
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Wow, that's pretty neat! lol! My cat doesn't do that, but he does carry things in his mouth though! lol!
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If only I could teach my cat to come to me when I call her lol. She just looks at me
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Yep, Trouts day wouldn't be complete without a couple of hours of fetch. She starts right out by putting the ball on our bed when we wake up..plays fetch until we get out of bed. Then throughout the day she will intermittently bring the ball to us for subsequent rounds of fetch.

She LOVES it!! She wouldn't function properly without it, I think she is a dog in disguise.
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how can you teach your cat to play fetch.. or well i shouldnt say teach. but get them to do it? when Kitty (i know original huh) was 9 months old, she would grab her lady bug toy on a stick and drag it to me and we'll play, but she dont do that no more..
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Ripley plays fetch. She's the only one of mine that will, though.

She'll grab her mouse, I'll hold out my hand, and she'll "deposit" the mouse into my hand. I then throw it across the room, and she'll bring it back, make her "deposit", I throw it across the room, repeat...and repeat...and repeat...and repeat. She is absolutely tireless. Quite the funny little girl.
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Quill plays fetch too. It's so cute, because he'll even play fetch with himself! What he does is bring a toy upstairs, then he tosses it down the stairs and gets it and brings it back up and does it again! He will also do it with me but not as often.
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Lilly also loves to play fetch, but only with her little balls of tin foil. Sometimes she delivers it right to my hand, and other times it's just in my general vicinity. When she's done with a round of fetch, she takes the ball and goes to lie down on top of it- it reminds me of a bird trying to hatch an egg!
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That is too cute! none of my kitties fetch, but jasmine will take her little pom pom balls and round them all up then put them ALL in her water bowl while growling at them...it's hysterical, i'd never seen a cat do that until jasmine.
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Toby playes fetch, peek a boo and hide and seek....but I did`nt teach him any of these games....he taught me!
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Skittles LOL Ya right. She would run from a ant
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That is so cool LOL My cats would just look at me funny....
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