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New Kitten Pics

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Well, the kittens are just over 3 weeks old now and are starting to purr and play. Getting to the fun stage now!! On top of my 3 adult cats and four babies, I adopted (for 2 days) 7 baby bunnies. Our maintenance workers at worked ended up destroying a bunny nest and brought the babies in looking for someone to take care of them. Loving anything BABY the way I do, I volunteered. I didn't realize beforehand how hard it was to keep them alive. I fed them KMR by dropper for 2 days until I found a rehab group to take them. I delivered all 7 of them to their new home today...a nature center center willing to take care of them. I had to get pics before I took them though!!!

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they are so adorable! lol! I wish that I had gotten pictures of my cat Sherbert when he was a kitten, but I didn't have my digital camera then... lol! They are adorable!
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Oops just realized I left Fluffy out....

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They are all sooo cute (includint the bunnies)!!!
We also have a new kitten,he is a week old...Good Luck with them!
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All are adorable the bunnies are cute...
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