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My kitty dont like my new kitty

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well she's not much of a kitty no more. she's about 2 years old. still young, and my g/f just got a new kitten. Well he dont try to play with her or anything, but my older cat is hissing, growling, and just being that way, and after we touch the new kitten and try to touch the older cat, she hisses at us... is this normal and will things get better?
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Yeah, she just needs to get used to it.
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o.k. so hissing and growling is normel.. then.. thats good
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They need to adjust to each other, and the older one is also establishing a pecking order at the moment with the younger one as well.
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Maybe this article will have some helpful information for you

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a pecking order? is that meaning she's showing the kitten who is boss? if that's so. why is she hissing at me and my g/f?
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Because SHE is the queen. There's a reason they're called queen cats. Of course once the kitten gets older, she could also end up being the more dominant queen of the two. The cats will sort it out. She's hissing at you because you're forcing things.
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o.k. well i know if i wash my hands i can touch her, but once i touch the new kitten, she wont let me... hope things will get better though.. i love kitty and this new kitten is sooo cute.
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It will get better... I promise.

Wowzer thought/thinks she should be an only cat. It took months before she stopped hissing at Gracie, now they get along fine.

We just brought Nate into the picture a couple of months ago and it went much better (and faster) this time around.

Her nose is just a bit out of joint
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Remember cats go on smell. The new cat brings new smells. When you touch the new cat you smell different and the cats don't like that.

How did you introduce them? That should be a process done over a week or more. You cannot (usually) just plop two cats in front of each other and expect them to get along. You need to have them seperated for a couple days, exchange something between the two of them so they can learn each others scent. Then one day open the door seperating them and let them find each other. If you bring one cat up to the other and one cat is on a higher level then the other that can be a problem too. They are all about hierarchy and alpha and determining who is who. Make sure there are high places that the "alpha" cat can get to. Expect some growling and hissing, if that is all they are doing then that is fine. It will happen. Give them time. They may even roll around and seem to be fighting. Unless there is blood drawn let them go. They need to determine who's boss.
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Ya.. well first we just brought the new kitten in and big kitty kept her distance, hissing, and growling. got closer and this morning kinda swatted at the kitten.. (brought the new kitten home last night) now the kitten is in my bedroom, door shut, the big kitty is in the main part of the apt.. going to do this for a bit, see how it works... hope things will improove
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