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rediscovering muscles

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My stamina is shot due to a debilitating back injury in 96 so this is the first somewhat labor intensive work I've done since then.
I can can work for 15-20 minutes at a time, but I'm slowly accomplishing things

My dog pees on our wooden gate, so I've been preparing him a 5'x5' patch of grass to retrain him to, no big deal there, broke the soil and planted, just waiting on it now.

I am also refurbishing our back patio flower bed and herb containers (30 gallon).
So far I've got oregano, sweet basil, cilantro and catnip planted.

Second tub will have chives and the third will have garlic chives.

The soil in the flower bed though is completely spent, so I'm completely digging it out and I'll be composting with it over the next year or two.
Went and picked up 4 cubic feet of prepared soil and 1 cubic foot of topsoil for the flowerbed (I know I won't need it all, but I'll have extra should I decide to do more container gardens).
I also picked up half a cubic foot of white marble chips for accents.

I pulled the border bricks and am soaking them getting them ready for a good cleaning.
I've got about half the bed dug out and should be finished digging it out by monday.

I'm planting blue cupid's dart and forget-me-nots in the bed with white and purple alyssum for low contrast flowers.

I hope to be completely done (and probably crippled) by next weekend.

Wish me a good growing season
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WOW! You are making me feel verrry lazy! Don't overdo it, but it sounds like you have some great plans! Maybe you can go for a massage when you are done!
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Don't feel lazy

I'm feelig stupid for doing it
I've procrastinated on it for 2 years now afraid of reinjury.
I realised though that I'll either reinjure myself or I won't, but I wasn't going to let it keep me from my gardening any longer, one of the few hobbies I thoroughly enjoy.

Oh yes, Jeremy, mister I won't even unload the truck, will be giving me a good back rub tonight!
He works at a home improvement store in the warehouse, I can't fault him for not wanting to unload the truck
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I can sympathize with how you feel after a long hard day of gardening!!!
Some advise-don't ever plant the garlic chive in a garden. I've been battling them for years and years. They late summer flowers are pretty but snap off after flowering as their seeds go everywhere are the plants are a big pain to get rid of!!
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lol I learned years ago to my dismay about the garlic chives

I plant all of my herbs in containers now, especially all of the onion relatives and mints.
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