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Memorial Day Thanks

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I just wanted to take a minute to thank the many people in the armed services who make my life and lifestyle possible. I am a pacifist, but I want to acknowledge the people who risk their lives so I can live in peace. My personal list is:

Ansel B., army
Chip B., air force
Doug C., army
Norm G., navy
David H., air force
Kent H., reserves
Jack L., army (I think)
John M., air force
John R., coast guard
Paul R., army
Billy S., navy
Larry S., navy
Andrew T., navy

And the only woman on my list, Gloria, who is in the reserves.

Not all these people are active any longer (my grandpa, for example, is deceased; several are Viet Nam vets) and I'm sure I've left out one or two. Also spouses and children deserve special mention.

I'd like to invite the rest of you to add your thanks to mine, for the benefits we enjoy courtesy of our protectors in the armed services.
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I have some people that I would like to thank too. I haven't included everyone here but these are all the names that I can think of right now:

Brooke H. - airforce
Robert M. Jr. - army
Chris H. - navy
Steven H. - army

My dad - army
Mike T. - national guard

My grandfather - army
Robert M. Sr. - airforce
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I have some additions:
  • Sgt. Russ Rekemeyer USA (deceased) - my late husband
  • Sgt. Bill Cowen USA, USAF (honorably discharged) - my S/O
MG/Sgt. Howard R. Frasier USMC (Ret.) - my dad. These three men represent three services and three wars and I love and am proud of them all.
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What a great idea for the holiday weekend. I really do have respect and appreaciate each and everyone of the service memebers that help to keep this country alive. These are the one's whom I have the great pleasure of knowing and loving.

Ken Taylor USN active duty (hubby)
Travis Taylor USAF active duty (step son)
Dennis Lanigan served in the Army during the vietnam war (Dad)
Robert Lanigan Retired (deceased) USN (Grandfather)
Henry Zembrycki Retired Army (Grandfather)
Kenneth Taylor Retired Army (Father in Law)
Pat Hinkle Retired USAF (Aunt)
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Robert P. 15 years British Navy, 5 yrs. Canadian Army-father, deceased
Robert S.P. U.S. Navy-brother, deceased
Robert A.P. U.S. Navy-nephew
Scott H. U.S. Navy-nephew
John F.G. U.S. Army-husband
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Maj. S., USAF (ret) my father
Sgt. S., USA (ret) my brother

and all the daddies of my friends when I was growing up that were KIA or MIA in Southeast Asia.
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I don't know anyone personally who is in the military, but my hat is off to all of these listed, and all of the others in the military, I have great respect for them...they help keep our country a safe place to live!!!
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Roy Krick, my dad, former Marine.
David Morales, my fiance's brother, Sgt. in the Army.
Kevin, Ken, and Frank, friends from college who may still be in the military. All served in Desert Storm.
Warren Kipp, my grandfather (deceased), in the Navy during WWII.

I am sure I know more people, but I just can't think of them. And a big thanks to all who are active now. I am more of a pacifist, too, but I am so grateful to those people who are willing to put their lives on the line so we can live in freedom.
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Eddie Lawson-Marines (active)-my sister's fiance
Donald McFadden-Navy (ret)-grandfather

I'd also like to send my thanks to all of our troops that are in Afghanistan fighting the war on terrorism and to all of our active, inactive, deceased, discharged, retired and all of the men and women who fight for our wonderful country.
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Edward O'Keefe (army)-grandfather, killed in Germany in WWII
James Titus (army)-grandfather, stationed in India in WWII
John O'Leary (army)-grandfather, stationed in Pacific Theater in WWII
James Titus (army)-uncle, wounded in Vietnam
Mallory, Tom, Matt-friends in the military during Desert Storm
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I don't know anyone personally, but I'd like to thank the firemen and police officers for their bravery. I especially like to say a Memorial to those who lost their lives in WTC, Pentagon, and Pennsylvania on 9/11. May God heal the deep wounds!
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Firstly, thank you.....

Unfortunately I have a rather long list of people to list here, some that gave thier lives in service and some who touched my life, and I am a better person because of it... so I will limit my list..

My Daddy
Taylor Kenneth US Army served 24 years recieved a field commision Of LT. Retired as a Major. Served in WWII and the Korean war.

My Grandfather
Taylor Levi US Army SSGT Deceased, Served in WWI

My Son
Taylor Travis L Airman First Class, Most likely going to Afgahnistan

My Friend
AMS1 (AW/NAC) Benjamin Micou, USN, Deceased, Died in a Helo crash during a white out in Antarctica.

Im done

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Just wanted to thank you all for adding your names here. I hope someday some of these guys do a "vanity search" and find our little list of people we appreciate. I suppose I'll never know. But still it's good to make the list,, to exercise our appreciation muscles and thank the people who made sacrifices for us. And this is only the ones we know by name, there are others we don't even know.

So thank you all again.
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I had the honor of meeting several of the Navaho Code Talkers over Memorial Day weekend. These are the people the movie "Wind Talker" is based on. These guys are all in their 80s now, and were so interesting to listen to while they talked about their experiences in the South Pacific. Two things I'll never forget are 1. Members of the Navaho Nation were granted US citizenship in the mid-1920s. 2. Most of these guys spent at least their first years at a school were they weren't allowed to speak Navaho or practice their native religion. Good thing they didn't forget their language, or the war probably would have gone much differently.

BTW, these guys have already seen the movie, though it doesn't go into the theaters until mid-June. They said it's an okay movie. Not great, not terrible, just okay.
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Cheryl, That was an honor. Thank goodness we weren't able to completely destroy their heritage. We certainly ruined their lifestyle.
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Thank you to:

William F. Enos - Civil War (Great-Great Grandfather)
William Herman Volmert - WW I - Army (Great Grandfather)
William Arthur Volmert - WW II - Army (Grandfather)
(Died Nov. 7, 1994, 4 days after my B-Day)

And to all the others who put their life on the line for all of us!!

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