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Saying goodbye to Jess

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This is for Diana (furryferals) who helps the feral cats in her area as well as "The Cats Protection" here in the UK.

They received a call to a house where an old lady had passed on and her cat Jess was left behind Thinking Jess was depressed because her owner had passed it turned out that she was left in a room on her own downstairs all the time when her owner stayed in the room upstairs, so there wasn't much human contact

After seeing a vet Jess was found to have a blood clot which caused her to have kidney failure and ended up in an oxygen tent due to respiratory distress, so the kindest thing to do for her was to give her a better quality of life by ending it here on earth so she could run over Rainbow Bridge and play with all the other cats and kittens that she's missed for so long

Have fun over the bridge Jess, and when you get there ask for Elizabeth's Sasha who has a great story to tell you about clubbing a coyote!!

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I'm so sorry to hear about Jess. Maybe it was meant to be that she soon followed her owner. And maybe they are sitting together somewhere, content with each other's company.
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What a sad situation all around. Be in peace, Jess, and know that people who never really knew you cared enough to let you go.
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Sweet Jess RIP
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Poor baby. RIP Jess
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I believe that Jess needed to be with her Meowmy

I know that she'll always look over Diana for providing her with all the love and care during her time of need!

Sweet Jess enjoy your play over the rainbow bridge

RIP Sweet Jess
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That is so terribly sad!, RIP Jess
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Poor kitty Jess, play at the bridge now, and be happy!
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RIP, Jess. You've been reunited with your meowmy.
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Aw, how sad. Poor Jess, it sounds like you never really got the attention you needed here on earth. Although, if you were an adopted feral, perhaps you chose to stay solitary. Now you are in a place where you will understand real warmth and love, of kitties and other creatures, including humans.

Thank you Diana, for stepping in and making the difficult decision for Jess. May she rest in peace.
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Precious Jess, play happily over the Bridge now that you're finally reunited with your family.
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Rest in Peace little Jess. Play happily over the bridge sweety
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Rest in peace sweet, beautiful little Jess. I know your happy now sweetheart.
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Jess is with her Mommy now.
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You were a part of my life for three short weeks
Your new life was not to be
I love you Jess and I know you loved me too
Play happily over the bridge sweet Jess
'Till we meet again

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Thank you all for your kind words for Jess Yes she is at peace now.

Thank you Susan for putting Jess in the bridge for me,My thoughts and prayers are with you too at this time Susan
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