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AM Wake up and play

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My cat seems to want to play ALL the time. I try to as much as I can. But the worse problem is at night when going to bed and in the VERY early morning (3 or 4 AM). He jumps on my boyfriend and me, bites at our feet runs back and forth through the apartment. We try to ignore it, but are not getting any sleep at all during these times. It's taking a toll on out relationship (it's my cat). He's 10 months old and I've had him for about 2 months. My boyfriend can't wear earplugs, so that won't work. We want to stop the behaviopr, any suggestions?
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Is he neutered yet? If not, that's a good start. You can try getting a long play session in right before you get into bed. Get a teaser and some toys to throw and let him have at it for as long as long as you can. It will take a little while to get him into a routine, but if you do it every night, he should get the idea. If all else fails, you can try keeping your door closed at night and leave him with plenty of toys to play with.
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My cat used to do that around 6. It basically seemed like he just couldn't wait for us to get up, and thought we'd slept long enough. We just shut him out of the bedroom at night. He's fine about it, although at first he meowed. And now he knows the alarm is the signal to come running.
Is he an only cat? He might be lonely. My kitten has a playmate at night, although she is somewhat reluctant at times.
I also play with them before bed, then feed them warm wet food.
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Rascal does that all the time! I play with him before going to bed. He is neutered and everything. He will go to sleep with me then wake up around 4 or 5 with his toy mouse in his mouth. He will drop it on my pillow and nudges me and licks me. So, I wake up and throw the mouse and he will go fetch it and bring it back to me.
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Seems like you have a perfectly healthy young cat Is he alone during the day? Another cat can be the cure - two cats are often a lot easier to have than just one. And yes - one or two, either way make sure they are neutered.

Like Sandie says, you should set up a playtime session just before you go to bed. Make it an interactive game (with a fish rod type of toy) and make sure you play with the cat for at least 15 minutes (the longer the better). When you're finished playing, I suggest a good feeding of some special food - i.e. if you free feed with dry food, give him a portion of canned food just after playtime. Usually, they're hungry after interactive playtime, because this game simulates hunting and it gets their juices going

You should end up with a tired and well fed cat that is more likely to sleep through out the night.

Another very important is to totally ignore the cat during the night - as difficult as it may be. For a few nights, cover your feet and ignore his attention seeking behavior. It usually takes them only a few nights to get the message
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