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ok so we adopted these 2 stray cats (they found us), we got one fixed, and we were saving up money to get the second one fixed too. We were 99% sure it was a he, but then about 2 days ago i was holding "him", and noticed that "he" had teats!! so obviusly he is a she, and she is pregnant! she is an outside cat,but she is really friendly. my family has never had a baby animal before, so we are totally clueless. i have always been one of those people that tell you to spay and nueter, and not contribute to the unwanted animal population. so as you can imagine i feel REALLY bad.so i would appreciate it if anyone coulds give me some advice. thanks!! sory i wrote so much!
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I dont have much to say except just get the kittens S/N and find them wonderful homes!
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Hi and welcome to TCS

First of all, if possible please bring the Mom-to-be inside. It is possible for her to get pregnant from more than one father. Mom and babies could also fall victim to all different types of predators outdoors. If she has problems with the pregnancy, it will also be harder to find her to help.

Check out this thread It has lots of useful information in it.

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I would take the kitty to the vet to be checked out. Then they can advise when the babies might be due, and what extra steps to take to keep her healthy.

Start her on kitten food. And definitely bring her inside so she can have the kittens in safety. Remember she can get pregant again shortly after having the kittens, so keep her inside only until the kits are 6-8 weeks old and she can be spayed.
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Do you mean the nipples are swollen? Or are you assuming it is a female just because they are there, males have nipples too..... (same as any mammal)
Look for testicles and a penis before assuming it is a pregnant female.
If it is a pregnant female, then yes, please bring her inside
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She really needs to be brought indoors...she should not be outdoors where her kittens could become prey to other animals. Also, because cats can get pregnant as early as a week after giving birth, it would be best if you could place her into a room with no access outdoors. Once she has weaned the kittens and has been spayed, she can return to being an outdoor cat.

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Please update us if mom is or isnt pregnant or if she is a he or vise versa..
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