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What silly things do you do to spoil the kitties?

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I started thinking about this when we were coming home from Petsmart with 2-4lb. bags of the cats' food. We started buying the smaller bags when they were out of the bigger sized bags one time, so we didn't really have a choice. We decided to keep buying the small bags because Ophelia gets so excited when we open a new bag of food. It's so adorable - she hovers and prances around whoever is opening the new bag and can't wait to take that first bite of fresh food. It's a little more expensive doing it this way (but just by $2-4 per month, really), but it's worth it for her to be so happy with a new bag of food.

I know I'm not the only one here who does silly and even impractical things to add to the happiness of our kitties. What do you do?
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I buy treats like crabmeat, shrimp, or calamari for Jamie, and make hardboiled eggs for him. I also buy a lot of cat toys, the latest addition being "Da Bird". I definitely give into his food whims, too - little cans, three different brands of dry open at any given time, and constant rotating of brands (so small bags here, too). We have acrylic blankets, which he loves, at the foot of all beds, and thrown over the backs of the sofas, where he can pull them down to make a "nest".
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My 4 "kitty boys" get the TV turned to Cartoon Network and get 30 minutes of extra "tv time" after I leave for work. 40 minutes if they'ev been really good the night before.
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I hand-feed Lucy her wet food. Carly and Much get so excited about it that they dig right in. Lucy isn't interested until I start hand-feeding her.
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We pull up the shade to the top of the window and re-arrange the curtains and cords just so the girls can have an unobstructed view of 'their' tree and the yard.

Then every night I arrange the blankets we keep on the couches 'just so' so they can nest down in them all snuggly for the night.
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whos house? You mean their house?

I spoil my babies by having really nothing off limits to them.

They repay me by leaving my sewing machien and tarts alone lol
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Hm, recently we got a bird feeder to attract birds to the front yard because they love watching them through the windows. On their birthday, we put a candle in a can of tuna and sang Happy Birthday, then blew out the candle for them and put a little bit of tuna on a plate for them to eat (they didn't eat it).

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Originally Posted by neetanddave
My 4 "kitty boys" get the TV turned to Cartoon Network and get 30 minutes of extra "tv time" after I leave for work. 40 minutes if they'ev been really good the night before.
We went though a period of having to turn on "Teletubbies" for Jamie every evening, and one of my sister's cats is addicted to Disney's animated films!
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I've begun giving Pudge a chunk of raw muscle/organ meat a week. She also gets shrimp every once in a while.

It keeps her teeth in better shape than they would be in otherwise, and she loves them.

She also fell in love with a box I got an ebay purchase in, so it's been on my desk for a few months now. she has such fun in it (and uses it as a bed a lot) that I'd feel evil throwing it away.
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besides specifically moving into a townhome so the my kitties could have cat walks and high places to climb (besides their condo's and cat trees)

I cut fresh fruit just for them. Chiclet LOVES papaya. We buyt them live crickets, have it on animal planet 24-7 so they can watch other animals and other kitties play
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My babies get bits of meat when I debone beef or or chicken.

We get an entire butchered organic steriod-free angus every year.
No one else in the family eats liver, so I cook it up with an arm roast cut for them and blenderize it.

The dog gets raw soup bones, only dog his age I've ever met with no tartar build up and no dog breath.

Today they got a new cat dancer, but Vash is insane and I had to put it away after 5 minutes, he was panting
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I do various things.
I.e. one time I came home from Costco and the box I had with me I sat on the floor. Beauty hopped right in it and didn't leave it for the rest of the evening.
So the next day I went to the fabric store and for $8 made it into a bed!

I give them treats once a morning right after feeding them. Patches loves that!

If Luna is cranky then I'll set her by a window so that she can watch the birds. Takes her mind right off of whatever is bothering her.

I bought Da Bird for Whitey...and he'll sometimes share with Beauty and Luna

Cat toys are a weakness. It's like being a kid in the Toys store ("OMG, Whitey would SO love this").
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Master Leo gets food with Kitty Kaviar mixed in at every meal, just so.

I usually wait a day or so to fold laundry because Gracie just loooooooooves to lay in the basket full of clean clothes

I also have a bird feeder on my windowsill just for these little sweeties.
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Another thing I do (I just remembered this when I DID it this morning )
I dig the real-fur mice out from under the couch for Luna.
We have hardwood floors, so they slid under and far back so Luna can't get them.

It was like Christmas morning when I pulled them out this morning! She's been a happy camper since!
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Originally Posted by valanhb
she hovers and prances around whoever is opening the new bag and can't wait to take that first bite of fresh food.
That sounds so cute Heidi!

Let's see. We open windows for Abby even when it is below freezing We also have numerous bird feeders that are kept full for her viewing pleasure. She has two heated pads and a heated perch. She has more toys than most children do. I also drive to a store about a half hour away to buy her favorite treats.
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Oh yeah we spoil our babies too! I buy way too many toys for them, Castor and Pollux treats and cat grass or organic wheat grass. Each of them has their own special requirements for being spoiled.

Tiny likes to eat in our bathroom, and she loves to have her treats in bed. Tiny also has a favorite side of my comforter, and it has to be perfectly smooth before she will lie down on it!

Bucky likes to sit on the computer chair in my sewing room/office so we let her have it and sit on the sewing machine stool instead. Bucky likes to sharpen her claws on my fiddle case...and I let her.

Sister likes catnip so we make sure to keep some on hand for her, and I even spray the cat furniture with it for her. She also loves to sit in the recliner, so we let her have it.
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So, my most recent indulgance for miss Frankie is a Vera Bradley pillow. Yup, you read right... she's always using my VB purse as a pillow so I'm going to take a small one (too small for me to use really) stuff it with nice soft stuff and let her use that as a pillow. She looks so sad when I take her pillow (my purse) as I leave the house.
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One of the big reasons we bought our home last year was because it was a lot bigger than our last. We don't need this size house for the 2 humans, but man the cats love it! When we first looked at it, on the way out I tell DH "the cats will love this house" and he said yup. Funny that was our first thought.

So even though DH absolutely loves to look out windows and we have a big sun room, the windows are lined with cat trees.

We added bird feeders outside the kitchen window so our babies can watch the birds.

And when we had the kitchen remodel done, we actually measured the width of the cats and asked the construction guys to build window ledges that could hold them comfortably. Imagine me chasing the cats around with a tape measure and trying to measure how wide they were!

It's all about the cats!!
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Where do I begin?

They have a full basket of toys, right now Cassy is chasing one of those soft mice, she throws it up into the air, then chases it.

They get really good food. On a side note, my dog eats cooked meat (the cheap frozen human kind). I tried to do the homemade cat dinners, no luck. So the dog gets all the good stuff.

They get baths, they love their baths, they hate being 'stale'.

I talk to them constantly, I sing praises to them, my DK's get so jealous, it's pathetic. Don't kids know that cats are to be 'almost' worshipped?
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Oh man where do I start. They get salads of leafy green veggies because they like it. Every time I go to the kitty store they get toys. They sleep with us even though they wake us up every single morning. They are allowed just about anywhere that isn't dangerous to them including the counters and the kitchen table. I could go on and on and on, but I won't.
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I grow catnip and cat grass for them because they like it better than store bought.
I sleep uncomfortably to let Bumper sleep the way he wants to
I have bird feeders to keep them amused
I always leave the TV or radio on so they hear voices while I am out
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Oh my goodness where to start.

My guys have to have ice cubes in there water dish, I swear, if I fill up the dish and don't put a couple in I get the " Hey Mom, where's the ice look"

Linus has a thing for toy felt mice, the multi-colored ones that come in 5 packs. He must have 40 of them by now..He just loves when I gather them all up and put them in his chair, he then sits in the middle of them and surveys his treasures.

The chair is another thing, it is suppose to be my recliner, I don't remember then being at the store when I bought it or pitching in on the cost..But trying to get them out of it is impossible and if I am sitting in it again with the evil-eyed stare "Hey mom what you doing in my chair.
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Oh my...let me count the ways

We get them lots of toys...I think they have more toys than our kids do
They occasionally get treats of tuna and kitty treats.
Of course I do everything I can to make sure that the bed is all ready for them at night and that I don't disturb my precious kitties.
I will go out of my way to praise them when they bring me a toy.
Oh and the worst "spoiling" is Snickers has a thing for wanting to drink from the tub water. She jumps into our Master Tub and paws at the sides as to say, "Hello, I want water now" so we always turn it on a slow dribble for her to quench her thirst. You know that water in a bowl is SOOOO not cool She has us wrapped around her little claw.
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Good to know that I'm not the only one who allows furbabies to rule the home.

Every morning, I spend at least 10 minutes waiting in a hot tub before I start using soap/shampoo. Why do I wait? Because at least THREE INSIST on drinking from the tub ONLY WHEN I'm IN it.. I don't want them drinking soap/shampoo so I have to wait until they're done drinking and after Buddy has amused himself to his satisfication. For some reason, he likes to dip his tail in the water and flick it all over so I let him.

I spend more time in bedroom than I'd like because that's where Heidi hangs out (she won't come out of the bedroom- long story).

I have more cat furniture than furniture of my own. Apt floor is covered with toys.

I have scratches ALL OVER my shoulders & back because Buddy likes to ride around on my back and I've given up on avoiding this! He's on my back about 40% of time at home.

When I go to bed, I arrange myself in bed the way the cats prefer to sleep with me.. Arms spread wide open, legs wide open.
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I bought Princess another catnip nana because hers was flat..

She has a blanket folded up on the corner of my computer desk so she can lay next to me and be comfortable, even though it's less desk space for me.

She has a harness/leash so she can go outside with me from time to time, even though that made me have to get her flea protected which cost me a fortune.

She is free-fed dry food and then every day she gets about 1/4 a can of wet food as a treat.. AND she won't eat it unless I put it by the sliding door so she can watch outside while she eats.. I guess she doesn't want to miss anything!

I have a black futon in the living room opposite of the couch which has become her favorite sleeping spot, so I put a blanket over it so she can snuggle up (also keeps the hair off the black futon cover).

When I am getting ready to go somewhere and am putting on makeup, she likes to watch, so I put her up on the sink and let her smell everything before I use it... and she won't jump up there, she meows then I pick her up and set her up there
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Hmmmmm....Where do I start?

The guys have 6-8 Bananas, 4 cigars, 1 heart, 1 apple, 1 lemon, 1 pumpkin, and 1 pollock fish because they only like Yeow! catnip. We have just about every track and puzzle toy known to cat. 2 baskets full to the top with toys (I even went through them last month and donated a bunch to the shelter--it filled a target bag). Plus yarn poofs and as many pink and yellow mice I could get my hands on at Easter. (Stimpy likes pink or yellow mousies the best)

I buy them 1-lb bags of FF Gourmet Gold because it's their favorite cat treat. Raven also likes his wet food sprinkled with Gourmet Gold like croutons and crunched up Kitty Kaviar sprinkled on it too.

I bought them a Drinkwell finally this summer, only after trying every other fountain on the market.

And now, DH and I are building a cat fort.

Not spoiled at all....
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I turn the air conditioning off and open the back door for 45 minutes every evening so they can all lay around and enjoy the sun beams.
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Ever since I got Nimbus, I've been buying so many unecessary items for him. I threw out his plastic cat dish and I got him a china dish/3 bowl set from Pier 1 for his food/water...I bought a little carpet for his litter box to rest on. I also got him a cat carrier that looks like a burberry duffle bag, from ebay.

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What would I consider to be the silliest thing I do? Well, I sit down on the floor with the kitties after I give them their wet food, and stay on the floor with them while they eat.

This is a concession for my first furbaby, Ginger-kitty. As an 8-9 week old kitten, she wouldn't eat unless I stayed right there with her; she'd scamper along following me if I walked away, so I had to sit with her to make sure she'd eat her wet. She didn't like to be alone, sweet baby.

I can't always give up 15 minutes of my evening to sit on the floor listening to kitty tongues lapping up their wet food, but I have found that on the nights that I DON'T, Ginger will eat a lot less, and then the scavengers will finish her dinner for her.

She's rail thin as it is, and I am always worried that she doesn't eat enough, so when I can, I'll sit there with her until she's eaten as much as her belly can take. She's the last to start eating and the last to finish, my little slow-poke.
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I don't know about silly, but I sure do spoil them.

I take their food dish to them wherever they happen to be. They've eaten in various places in the house, including on top of the tv, on top of the cat tree, on our bed, on the couch.

Swanie has taken over the side of couch where I used to sit. If I'm sitting there, he'll come up and stare at me. So I get up or move over so he can have "his" seat. He used to get me off the kitchen chair I use at the computer by coming up behind me and poking me in the butt.

I was cleaning out the coat closet the other day and threw a couple of my hand knitted sweaters on the chair, temporarily. Swanie decided they made an excellent bed, so they're still on the chair.

I'm sure there's a ton of other stuff. Basically, the cats rule the house
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