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Sending good vibes for lenny. If you are unsure about having stopped the antibiotics, call back your vet and ask if they want you to restart (assuming you didn't through out the rest of the prescription) them until his apt.

Of course, do not hesitate at all, if you feel he needs to be seen sooner, tell them you want to change that apt., even if it means coming in as an emergency.

Trust your instincts as to how he's doing.
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Well it turns out that although Lenny has gained a little weight and his muscle tone has improved (i don't feel his back bones as much) he was actually dehydrated today when I brought him in to the vet. The rechecked his ultrasound and the vet said that his bile ducts are opened a bit more and do not look as swollen, but there is still some inflimation. He also still has cysts and an inflamed liver. She told me to immediately begin the same routine again with the fluids, shot of Pred, shot of Beytryl, and a shot of Pepcid. She has also given me a few needles of Pennicylin (sorry about the spelling i'm a bit sad today) and told me that if I can not give him the oral Clavamox, then I should give him the Pennicyclin every 3rd day in a shot. She also gave him a shot of pain killer and sent me home with 4 needles worth. Poor Lenny

I am going to do my best t give him the Clavamox but he is really difficult to administer meds to. I tried the towle, etc and he gets upset. I do not want t oupset him too much as he is eating fairly well. However, if anyone out there has a magic way for me to mix the Clavamox well enough in food so he does not sense it, please let me know.

Meanwhile, I think we may have found our new home here in San Francisco. It is defenitly smaller and there will be less room for Lenny, Vinnie and Jimi to run around , but I think they will like the hard wood floors. We are meeting with the landlady tonight and if all goes well, we will move in mid July ! Hurray ! I just hope that Lenny gets back on the road to recovery, as I am going broke with his bills (but he is worh every penny I spent). Today alon with blood work , ultrasound and meds for 2 weeks cost me $365.00

My wife said that when she came home this afternoon he was talking and following her around, so I am defenitly glad I trusted my instincts this morning. I'll let you all know how he is doing tomorrow.
Thanks again everyone for your concern and support. It really does help me
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I just spoke with the vet about Lenny's blood work and the news is not good. She said his liver value skyrocketed to 2269 from 1550 in late May. She said that somehow his Thyroid levels went way up too, which is why he begged me to feed him about 5 times last night (I have not slept more than 4 hours in the past two days). Either the transdermal cream with Methimazloe is not working properly, or it's just that we need to raise the dosage from .25 to .30 2x /day, and she is omitting the Cyproheptadine from the next batch, as she said that may be causing him to feel irritable.

He was also crying intermitently last night along with his rather harsh sneezing.

This morning he came out from under the bed and miraculsously, I was able to mix the Clavamox in with his food and he ate most of it ! I just hope he will do the same tonight, otherwise I will have to force it down his throat.

I am sorry, but I am at a loss here as to what to do next and how long to prolong my heartache and his discomfort. It's weird becuase he seemed to be doing better until the other day. I guess stopping the Beytryl was not the best thing to do, aso now i am mad at myself for that one.

Please send some Good Good Vibes Lenny's way... I still think he has some "umphhh" left in him.

This could not come at a worse time either becuase we are moving in like 3 weeks. I spent the hours of 2:30 -4 AM today to talk with my Ragdoll Vinnie, telling him to nudge Lenny during the day when I am at work and to tell him how much he loves him and wants him to get better. I have never felt this sad in my life, even when i had to put my 1st cat to sleep 12 years ago. Lenny is the sweetest, kindest, most dear kitty I have ever seen, and I just can't think about him not being around.. I feel so helpless right now and I m thankful that my co-workers here understand what I am feeling right now.
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I just had to increase Tyler's methimazole dose to double what it was, as his values skyrockted too...hopefully this will help Lennie feel better soon.

I hope you can try what helped me with Patrick (who went over the rainbow bridge in late March)..for almost 4 years of illness, during our last months, I made a huge effort to make time be in the "now". Every day, every good moment was it...time enough for sadness and tears after he was gone...we hugged, we snuggled, I kissed him and buried my face in his fur...I made him purr.

Just take it one day at a time if you can.
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I am so sorry to hear the turn for the worse. It is amazing sometimes how much they fight to not show pain and just make us happy, ofcourse that is all we want to do for them as well.
Prayers to you....
I know Sweety is now Maia's guardian angel. Make the best of the time you have, Lenny will always be with you!
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Thank you everyone for your prayers and good vibes that you have sent Lenny's way. I don't know how he is doing , as he keeps giving us mixed messages. He is definitely a step down from where he was just two weeks ago. He is more lethargic, and he goes under the bed , and then out, and then back under the bed. He is talking a little bit but the weird thing is that he is not drinking too much water. He was eating like a piggy until yesterday when I think he figured out that the Clavamox was in his wet food. I really thought i had him this time since he took it for about 4 days. I don't know if I am going to be able to give it to him tonight - he is really hard to administer meds to. I am also giving him his fluids with the Beytryl antibiotic, Pepcid and a .20 shot of Prednisone directly under the skin. I wonder why he is not drinking water though and he is worrying me to no end. On top of Lenny's illness, my Ragdoll Vinnie (12) is now peeing outside of the box(about 4 times in the past week). I'm not sure if it is because he senses we are moving , or if he is upset that Lenny is sick. I wish I had more money as I would put Lenny in the hospital to see if he improves, but I can't afford it.

I am just totally confused as to why his Liver Values and Thyroid went so high. He seemed like he was getting better. I am one perplexed daddy

I am spending as much time as I can just giving him love and kisses. But it's hard
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I'm just reading this and I feel for you and what you are going through right now. I understand this must be so hard for you and your wife. I will say a prayer for you and Lenny, you are both in my thoughts at this difficult time. I hope things start looking brighter for Lenny soon.
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Lenny had been looking pretty good for the past few eeeks. He has been eating tons of wet food, and some KD dry and occasionally his regular dry food he shares with Jimi and Vinnie. He did have two small vomit's over the past week, but seemed to still be ok. He was hiding less under the bed, cleaning Jimi, knocking Vinnie off of the chair, etc.

Suddenly, last night when I came home he was on top fo the bed but was very lethargic. I tried to comfort him and was petting him ever so gently, trying not to cry, and then he jumped up and went under the bed. He did not eat his dinner and so I was resluctant to give him the Antibiotics, etc (called the emergency vet and they said to just give the fluids which I did). He then did perk up a bit and ate a small bowl of wet food. He spent the night on the bed in such a position that i did not want to bother him, so I let him sleep with my wife and I slept of the couch.

This morning he ater some wet food, used the litter box and then went under the bed. I am so upset right now becuase I am going to Big Sur for a 2 day camping trip to try clear my mind and saddle my depression and anxiety. As I had mentioned we are moving to a new apartment next weekend whcih is defenily adding even more stress on to us and our kitties. Jimi has been playing too rough with Lenny this week and really upseting him. I just hope that is not the ole' "cat notices his mate is sick or dieing routine."

Anyway, I found a vet tech I am hiring to administer his fluids and meds this weekend but she can't stay for more than an hour. My friend ad upstairs neightbor who used to look in on our babies whenever we wnet somewhere, just had to send his Princess Nichole Over The Rainbow the other night. I spent 4 hours with Nichole and him, crying and trying to keep it together but it hits too close to home. He is now trying to keep his other boy Elsa comfortable and may not be able to spend time with my boys.

I'm sorry if I rambled here but I am just feeling like I have no luck lately. I know that I have to face up to the reality that Lenny is sick, but I just can't believe that it is happening in the crucical time period when we are going through all of these changes. I am going to Big Sur becuase it is the most beuatiful place on earth, and it's usually the only place where I can relax (besides when I am at home hanging with my babies).

Now, I am very worried that I am not going to be able to enjoy myself, as I will be thinking of Lenny and his brothers the whole time

Please help me in sending the Best Vibes possible to Lenny that this is just a temporary setback and that he will be fine while I am gone and that he will be happy in his new home next week.

I wish everyone here a Happy and Healthy Holidy weekend, and please do cherrish every moment that you have with your kitties

Thanks for listening,
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Howie, you poor man--you've been on such an emotional roller coaster! And poor sweet Lenny. Wish I had some miraculous words of wisdom for you. It does sound as if you need a break; all you can do is trust that Lenny will be okay while you're gone. It sounds as if you've made great arrangements for his care over the weekend.
I understand how you're feeling--I lost 2 of my babies within a 4 month period (one to CRF, one to liver disease)--and you're right. All you can do is love them & treasure every second you have them with you.
Please pass my sympathies on to your friend that lost his Princess Nichole. I hope the couple of days away from all the drama will give you some peace. Sending (((((positive, healing vibes))))) Lenny's way.
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