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Lump under wound

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Have a question concerning a cat which was just recently spayed (this time not mine thankfully).

I am currently cat-sitting my boss's cat (she is Singa's sister). She was spayed on the same date as Singa (4th of May). In contrast to Singa my boss told me that the healing and all went well.

So Chica is now visiting us while my boss is on vacation and I noticed some blood (I think it is blood) on my couch where she had been resting before. I took a look at her wound and it is amlost completely healed (except for one little blood clog at the end.

Chica is a very skinny cat and she was on her back when I inspected the wound. What seemed a bit awkward is that there is a big lump underneath the wound (approx thumb thick). Is this normal?

I am a bit unsure because Singa doesn't seem to have it. Then again, Singa is currently still weariung a bandage, as her wound had gotten infected.

Please let me know your thoughts. She seems to be fine from the way she acts, but it looks somehow wrong.

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It's great that you're keeping a close eye on Chica. Your boss obviously knew he was leaving his cat in good hands!

The best thing to do is to call Chica's vet and explain what you see. Anytime you're in doubt, it's always the right thing to speak with the vet.
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The directions my vet gave me after Zissou's spay said to expect this lump to form, and it did. It should be hard, and feel kind of like a piece of fruit under the skin. If Chica acts like it's causing her more pain when you touch it than would be explained simply by the incision, then call the vet. If it oozes anything, then call the vet.
Zissou's developed eight days after her spay and was gone a week later.
I wouldn't be worried about the lump if I were you, but you can always call her vet (Chica's, not Singa's, since he knows how he does spay surgerys!).
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Ok thanks for your answers!
Since the surgery was just a bit over a week back it may be this lump Zissou had too. So maybe there is no need to worry.
My boss will be back on Monday. Then I can tell him about it and he can decide if he wants to continue observing it or if he wants to contact the vet directly.
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from the sounds of it-it sounds like she is having a suture reaction. This happens occasionally after a surgery-it is her body's way of saying: "this should not be in here!" It will go down over time and hopefullt heal great. As far as Singa is cocerned if they are both having trouble I would wonder about how sterile the surgery was-if Singa's is infected and the other one has a lump I would definately check with the vet. I will send good healing thoughts their way!
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Zissou's stitches were the disolving kind they make out of chitin, I think. The lump was the underneath stitches disolving as well as the muscle walls of her abdomen healing. I just looked at her vet records and here is what they say:
"Our veterinarians use absorbable suture in female kitties. Several days after the surgery the area around the incision will become swollen. This area may take the shape of a walnut. To help kitty heal faster, apply warm compresses several times daily." Do you know what type of stitches they used? I hope Chica has a speedy recovery!
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Ok I will call the vet today as my boss has just extended his vacation by 2 days. I will see what the stitching material is made of.

And yes i am a bit surprised that there are so many complications. The clinic itself is very clean and gives a good impression....
and the doctors also seemd ok.

I'll keep you updated! Thanks
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