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Abandoned cat

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Don't need help with this, just wanted to vent my frustration at inhumane people. I came across another cat who someone obviously dummped. She was sitting in the middle of the street crying as my car approached her. When I spoke to her she ran up to the car. The street she was sitting in is at the edge of a wooded area and vacant land on all other sides so I know she didn't just wonder up to that corner to look around! I left her some food and came back home to get a carrier. I said if she's their when I get back then I'll know for sure someone dumped her. Sure enough, when I returned, she was sitting on the corner like she was waiting for someone. As soon as I pulled over she ran right up to me. I was able to pick her up and put her in the carrier.

She's had kittens or is going to have kittens. I could feel her teets when I picked up her. She's young, about 6 months. I'll bring her to the vet on Monday to be checked out.

I had found a cat in those same woods last spring. A pet that someone dumped. She was so skinny I thought I'd never fatten her up. Well, today I'm happy to say, she is a fat rolly polly 10 pounder, spoiled house cat! I needed a name for her so the vet staff named her Reesey after the peanut butter cup because she had chocolate and peanut butter colored fur. She's really pretty.

Just had to vent, thanks for listening.

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Lets hope she is still pregnant and the kitties didn't just lose a mommy. I hate when this happens, because people treat animals like tools or something, to be discarded when they are tired of them!
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Patsy....there is a whole herd of kitties clapping their paws for you at the Rainbow Bridge right now! What a wonderful thing you have done.
I would love to hear how your make out with her........
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Patsy, Is it possible to put a leash on the new kitty and take her back to that area-just in case she has kittens? It would be terrible to think of little ones crying. You are to be praised for rescuing this poor baby. I hope you can solve the kitten riddle!
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Of course, you could take her to the vet who could examine her and determine if she is pregnant. Of course, if you don't come back online or you don't have a 24 vet available, or if you don't have the finances, and you haven't already thought of this yourself (hoping, hoping) then we'll just all have to pray for the best.

And if she does have kittens, then maybe there is a special place in hell for the person that dumped her.
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My vet came by the house today and examined the mama. She had kittens some time ago. I'm sure the story is, the owner got rid of the kittens and then dumped her. It's a pretty common story around this city. She's a sweet cat. I'm hoping to find her a good home after she's fixed, healthy, etc. Thanks for caring.
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Dear Susan:

You are so kind. I would normally have had a carrier, but I was in a rental and didn't have any of my usual supplies! I've put off reporting this because I know it's going to break everyone's heart, it did me. The little cat was postiive for Feluk and FIV. Unfortunately I had to euthanize her. My only comfort is knowing she didn't die a horrible death on the street.

It's been a rough few days, first I had to euthanize this beautiful, sweet girl, then I learned that a kitten one of the tech's at my vet's office had rescued and tried so hard to save, passed away after 5 weeks. And of all the mental anguish, I think my Tiger is just about ready to say goodbye. I'm bringing her in to the vet tommorrow for him to take blood and give his opionion if she is nearing the end. This morning at 4:00 a.m. I found her in the bathroom in the hunched over position on the floor. I knew something was wrong as she never goes in there. So I put a nice thick blanket under her and she relaxed and layed down comfortably. My bathroom is so small I couldn't stay in there with her so I pulled the door so none of the other nosey cats could bother her and I went back to bed thinking "this is the day". Well, at 8:00 a.m. when I awoke I jumped out of bed to check on her and there she was on the bed in the spare room talking to my husband, purring and doing her little marching thing. I then carried her to her spot where she lives, i.e., her heating pad, food and water are on a table by her favorite window. She was talking and purring and begging to eat. She ate small amounts of food all day, then this evening I could see her getting nauseated. I gave her a centrene for the nausea as I want to keep her as comfortable as possible until it is time.

Anyway, I spoke to the vet and he agreed that I should bring her in tommorw. Everyone say a prayer for her. She's such a little fighter. I just hope she knows that she can quit fighting when she's ready. Have to go, keyboard getting all wet.


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You've done all you could. You cared and those two kitties are lucky you were in their lives, one for a little while-when she really needed you, and one for her lifetime. I know your heart must be breaking. When you see a rally in an animal you know you're about to lose, it touches your heart.
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Oh Patsy, what a horrible time you are going through. I am sending you my thoughts and big cyberhugs ((((((((()))))))))
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I'm so sorry. My thoughts & prayers are with you. As the Mom of a cat with CRF I know how heart breaking it is to watch your baby struggle so.
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Patsy, that is so heartbreaking. You're right, though. At least that little one didn't have to die alone and suffering. She knew your love, and I'm sure she was thankful. Tiger does sound like a fighter, and I think she is trying real hard to make sure you and your husband know how much she loves you. You are a good person, with a beautiful heart. All of your babies and the ones you help know that and love you all the more for it.
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Patsy. You certainly have had a rough time of it and I am so very sorry for you! Please know that you are in my thoughts.
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Thanks for your warm wishes and good thoughts. Today the vet took some blood from Tiger. Poor thing I don't think she has too much to give. Just now she walked up along side of my chair and asked to be picked up. I have her on the desk, making biscuits in her favorite genuine imitation lambs wool blankie. Anyway, tomorrow the tests will show if she's getting worse or not. She got her fluids today and only ate a little this evening, but that fighting spirit is always there. I of course don't know what she's feeling, but she still wants our attention and until she stops we'll keep fighting. Say a prayer for her tonight.
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Patsy - Consider my prayers said for your little baby!
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Patsy-How is your baby doing? Have you gotten the test results back yet?
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Tiger had to be euthanized. After she died I had the vet do an autopsy to find out why her 6 year old kidneys failed. The autopsy showed she had cancer all over her stomach. All of her lymph nodes were knotted together in her chest.

I'm sorry you missed my message about her passing on the other threads.

Thanks for your concern. She's with the other angels now.

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