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New pic!

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So i dont know if i told you all, Azriel has 2 brothers that died after they were born. My boyfriend named him Azriel because he was the only survivor..his name means help of god....we figured he survived and it was a miracle that God helped with....so my precious baby is 4 weeks and 4 days old today and i thought id share this pic with you guys.....look hes praying

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Awww he's a cutie!
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Look how sweet! He's at a fun age huh!
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What a doll baby My babies are 3 1/2 weeks old, and I just love to watch them.....
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Oh what a sweet, SWEET BABY!
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The good boy says his prayers before sleep
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She is precious!! What a little doll, sitting all flopped out..LOL She looks very comfortable in her new home!!
And here I was thinking the name Azriel was from the cat in the Smurfs. The mean wizard named Gargamel, had him.
I very much like the meaning that your Azriel's name has behind it, she is certainly a miracle!!
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LOL I thought the same thing lol...
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He has changed so much and he is adorable. He is going to be the best, loyal cat ever
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He is GROWING!!! What a doll baby!!!!

You must be doing something right...he's looks great!
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I want to hold him!!!!!!!!!!
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