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Cat makes weird breathing noise

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My cat is 1 year old. I got her from the ASPCA. My cat makes a weird noise when it breathes, kind of like snoring. Why does she do that? It isn't purring since she does it 24/7. Can anybody help?
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Could have feline asthma, a respiratory tract infection, all kinds of things. Please take her to the vet.
How long ago did you get her? If it hasn't been very long, you should call the ASPCA you got her from and tell them what's going on.
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Hi, When I was working with getting Tuffy healthy again [which took a very long time] His breathing was very bad sounding till we got his infection cleared up. He didn't really have labored breathing, just real bad sounding because he was so plugged up from the infection. After he was on some heavy duty meds to get rid off the infection his breathing has been fine. I don't know how to discribe what he sounded like other than a bad weezing [sp] noise.
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I noticed heavy breathing from my Wellington when he was about 6 months old. After a couple of Xrays it rurned out to be asthma. Apparently 1 in 100 cats suffers from it, so it is not unusual. It can be controlled with various medicines, but can be very uncomfortable for the cat, not to mention dangerous, so I would recommend a vet visit. Of course there are other possibilities too, such as allergies.
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Oops, sorry to worry you people, but I called ASPCA and they said it was just purring! I thought it was 24/7 because I am petting May 24/7. I approached her while she was sitting on the floor and she wasn't making the sound so I am relieved now.
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Thank You for this info

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