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Not kitties but still our sweet girls

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Our 5 beautiful bantam hens have gone .

Hubby went out to the coop yesterday morning to feed them before he left for his trip and found the coop empty, feathers all over the run and a hole had been burrowed from the outside in. The fox had been in and taken all five of our girls in the night. We've had the oldest hens for nearly two years and not had a single problem before. Our poor girls - we are devastated. We searched the garden in case any had gotten away and hidden themselves, but there was nothing to be found, only feathers further down the garden. When we went out into the garden today, we discovered the fox had been back in the night last night too to see if any more hens had been put in the coop.

Last June, our two older hens hatched out chicks, we kept the girls and the boys went to a local smallholding that breeds bantams. Here they were as babies

Huddled together in the run

One of the Mum hens - Henrietta (this photo was part of another thread last year hence the caption)

The babies had grown up to look exactly like their Mums.

Goodbye to our sweet girls
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I am soo sorry for your loss - kitties or not they were still your babies.
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Beth, I'm so sorry to hear that! It must be especially difficult since you raised them from chicks.

And I'm sure that there are chickens at the rainbow bridge, and there are now 5 waiting for you.
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Originally Posted by Hell603
I am soo sorry for your loss - kitties or not they were still your babies.
Yes! My thoughts almost exactly!
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Beth, I am so sorry to hear that RIP sweet girls
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Beth i'm so sorry Bless their little hearts their so cute aren't they!. Wait until i show Gil these because he loves any kind of bird.

Theres a place over at the bridge for any form of animal Beth, that you can be sure of
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I'm so sorry for your loss. I love chickens and hope to have some someday. RIP chickees.
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Beth, we celebrated with such sheer joy the day your babies surprised us all and hatched to greet the world, and I've adored them and their Mums since that very moment. We watched them grow and mature into petite little ladies, each day going out to feed them and enjoy their antics in the garden. Each little chickie has her own speical personality, and I will be forever honored that Stephanie Chickie and I shared our name.

Bless you, Beth, during this painful time of having just lost 5 of your family members. They are all in Heaven now, so happy and healthy, pecking at all the eggs they'd like!
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I'm so sorry for your loss, Beth. RIP sweet girls.
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Before high school, in my old school, I took on a little Sparrow baby...he didn't even have ANY feathers on him, and people thought that he would die, but I kept him alive! Once he got his wings and stuff, he would fly around the outside of the house and still come back, and he would perch on my arm and stuff! lol! Then, one day, he got into my mom's van, and then got out, and mom didn't get him, and I don't know where he is now, but I REALLY hope that he is still alive! I know that he was just like my little baby too, so I am really sorry for your loss!
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Oh the poor things!

I'm so sorry for your loss.
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I'm so sorry! I can't believe it .
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Thats so sad! Poor 'lil girls!! They were like family then I take it? Many hugs being sent your way! {{{HUGS}}}
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How horrible! I'm so sorry for the loss of your little girls.
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How devastating!

I know your chicks will be terrorising all the RB kitties as we type!

RIP sweet chickies!
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What a terrible and shocking thing to happen. I am so sorry - they were obviously a much loved part of your family.
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I am very sorry for your loss. No matter their shape and size, fur or feathers, they were your girls. I am very sorry you lost them in such a violent manner.

They are safe in heaven now, together and happy. Rest in peace, little chickies.
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oh Beth I am so sorry - how simply devestating for you all

RIP sweet girls
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This is so sad, I'm very sorry that you lost these sweet girls.
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Aww how heartbreaking the poor little babies

Fly free at rainbow bridge little ones

I am so sorry for your loss Beth
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I'm so sorry to take so long to get back to thank you all for your lovely messages in tribute to our girls. . You are all such wonderful, special people. I always hoped and thought that it would be many years before I found it necessary to post here. Sadly, it came much sooner than I though.

Helen - thankyou.

Heidi - We feel the loss of Henrietta and Lottie greatly as they were are two original hens. Losing the baby girls hurt has so much too in a different way. We watched the eggs eagerly wondering when the big event would be. We were so proud of our girls for sitting so beautifully and attentively on the eggs. We were there the day they hatched and held them in our hands.

MoochNNoodles, Karen, Susan and DicknLeah - thank you for your kind thoughts

Sharing our garden with the chickies was wonderful and I wouldn't swap it for the world. Watching them wander around, clucking away to themselves and scratching in the dirt was lovely. Listening to them cluck excitedly, so proud of themselves when they laid an egg was charmingly funny

Stephanie - Stephanie chickie was such a little character and apt to get herself into trouble now and again. I saw her the day before the terrible event, trying to see what three of the others were doing with their heads stuck down a hole they had dug. To try and get a better view, she pecked the others on the heads to get them to move. Yes they can peck eggs as much as they like now without annoying humans in the way trying to fool them with fake eggs (their golf balls)

Thank you Eileen and Cat lover - how lovely that you raised a foundling sparrow. I was always rescuing little abandoned birds when I was young too.

Nicky and Chris - thank you
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Monica - thank you, yes they were our girls. They were like members of the family to us. When I read that the solution to stop a hen eating her own eggs to was to eliminate her from the flock I was horrified we could never do that. So we read further and found the trick to try and fool them by leaving a fake egg in with them until they got bored of pecking at it.

Thank you Clixpix, Sarah and Jenny. They were much loved. Hubby felt even worse because he was leaving for a 5 day trip that morning, and it was left to me to tell daughter when she returned home for the weekend the following evening. That was also why I delayed a day in posting here, I wanted to tell daughter first.

Beckiboo, Dan, Trout's mom and Furryferals - thank you so much. I'm sure the girls have wings of a different kind now and can torment the kitties at the Bridge. They used to have great fun teasing our kitty girls in the garden
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Oh Beth, I am so sorry I have just seen this thread for the first time. It doesn't matter that these sweet little girls were not kitties, you loved them so much and it sounds like they brought so much joy to your life. I am so sorry that this happened.

RIP sweet little babies
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What beautiful babies.
How terribly sad.
RIP sweet angels.
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Poor girls! They looked so sweet! I'm so sorry for your loss, I would have been devestated too!
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