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Fish oil supplements

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WHat do u use??? where do you find it???

Gigi was at accupucture and it was suggested I try increaseing her omega 3 s with fish oil.... My trouble is the only time I tried fish oil they all hated it and then I read doesnt smell...lol.. it is fish oil it should smell....

I was told grizzley was good but others were better received... help or I have to go about an hour away to a store I have never been..
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I would think you could find fish oil supplement in the vitamin section of any drugstore, or even Wal-Mart. I suppose what I would do is break open the capsules and put in in her food?
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Jamie gets fish oil, and I've noticed that some supply just Omega 3, and others Omega 3 and 6. Sorry, I can't help with "local" brands, but I'd try to find something that supplies 3 and 6.
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try fish oil capsules for humans. If the cats don't like them, they may have gone off. They go off very quickly and once they are off, they are harmful. You can use your cats as a tester.

They shouldn't smell, and taste quite bland, with a slight fishy smell.

I was trying to find the article online, but the site has moved. I try and find it in the archives
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Your going to love this sharky - I finally went to our local holistic vet!! Autumn's chin is still so horrible after a month of conventional treatment (antihistimines, antibiotics, steroids and e-collar) so we are looking for an alternative. I am so relieved to have a vet on my side, agrees with me that is most certainly the dental that caused it. She is also pro raw diet.

Anyway, she put Autumn on an anti-inflammatory diet which means no turkey and chicken for a month (all of my raw foods, though she said duck is neutral and ok) and said the canned salmon is the best. She said that canned salmon is so good that she uses it daily with her raw food for all her Maine Coons. She said that the oils are great for the cats, and it has a low/negligable mercury unlike tuna and mackerel (because they are not predatory like the other 2 which is a major cause of the high mercury levels). Anyway, that is my cats new fish oil source (I used to use the salmon oil spritz bottle for dogs over the raw food, they love the flavor - they have it for cats in a spay bottle but my local shop only carries the larger dog bottle).

Besides salmon she is on oceanfish/seafood wet food for the month until the inflammation in her body has gone down. Also, no carbs in the diet at all (treats). She also got an aquapuncture treatment and cold light laser treatment. She's also now on a low dose antibiotic for a minor ear infection, had her anal glans expressed, and is on a homeopathic remedy Apis. Poor girl was a little messed up . I hope we are on the right track because convential medicine failed us.

Edit: Yah grizzlies is the brand I used to use.
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Sorry, Grizzly Salmon Oil is the only one I am familiar with, though I know there are other's out there.
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