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My baby is dieing :(

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It's not official yet but my baby girl Button has FIP. Button is a about 1 year and 3 months old. She's a beautiful calico kitty who loves people. We'll find out on Tuesday what the final results are. She already shows the clinical stages of FIP and they are giving her about 6-9months before I lose my baby. We have two other kitties who we just packed up and dropped off at my dads. We're hoping they didn't catch this also. I'm scared that they also have this infectious virus and that we'll lose them all. Has anyone out there gone thru this before or is going thru this right now? I love me three kitties and I'm an emotional wreck right now because I know I will be losing my first adopted kitty.
Bye for now,
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I'm so sorry to hear that news. I hope that all your babies turn out to be healthy. my prayers are with you and your babies.
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My heart goes out to you. Love her as much as you can in the little time you have left, and when the time comes, please do the kind thing and help her on her way to the bridge.

I had a kitten pass from FIP about 18 years ago. There were several other kitties in the household, all of whom lived to very ripe ages, so hope is certainly not lost for your other babies.
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I`m so, so sorry to hear what you are going through. I have a sick cat at the moment and am still waiting to hear form the tests if he has FeLV, FIV or FIP as initial bloods indicate one of these. i am beside myself as Bilbo is my special little baby not even two years old yet and I have lost two others in the last year or so through unrelated illnesses (one was his brother), all red orientals. If only your love could protect them.
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I'm so sorry. Give him a for me.

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Hi I am so sorry for your pain,.like another person posted,.all you can do is enjoy whatever time that you have left,...I know its hard.,..but,..just love her,...
I lost a white persian named Nikita,.some time ago,.not to any typical cat disease,.but we discovered that she had cysts on one of her ovaries,.and soon,.started getting weaker,.losing weight,.and finally,.I couldn't watch her suffer any longer and had to help her to the bridge,.its still hard not to cry when I think of her,.I loved her so much,..not that I don't love the ones that I have now,.I do,.very much,..but she will always have a very special place in my heart,..she wasn't even 2 yrs old!!!!,.I have lost a few since then,.too,.its always hard for me,.
I will keep you all in my prayers,..God Bless,and take care,.
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