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Jaz forgot to put something away and couldn't resist taking her photo. Sooooo cute

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That is so cute!
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Lil pink toungs are the cutest!!!
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Jaz is not talking to me at the moment, she is a little embarresed at being caught in an undignified moment
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Adorable, I love it!!
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those little pink tounges!
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Love it!! Gracie(RIP) always had her tongue sticking out like that, and we would get a kick outta her.
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Jazzy, you really need to remember to take that back in when you finish! Someone might steal it!
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That is sooooo cute!
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Jazzy has forgiven me She is fast asleep in her bed at the moment so is unable to say thankyou herself so in the tradition of Award Ceremonies i shall do it for her.

'Thankyou all for your kind words'
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LOve this one!
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Awwww I love it. What a cute picture
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