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Baby Kittens have sagging bellys?

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I have two Siamese baby kittens. They are 4 weeks old and I have noticed that their bellys sag down quite a bit. OK not the whole belly more toward their rear end. It feels like fat and looks like they have alot of loose skin there. It's only very noticable when they are standing on all 4's. It seems as if I noticed that the mom also had a tummy like this when she was younger. I was wondering if it is a cause for concern or if that is just normal? They are starting to get very active and playful. And they act and look otherwise perfect. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.
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It sounds normal to me, but as always, trust your gut. Are they eating solids on their own yet or are they still dependent upon Mom?
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I'm feeding them soft food only once a day. And the rest they get from mom. I just starting giving them food a few days ago. One of them eats like a champ even from the very first feeding. The other just shown interest in the soft food yesterday and ate a little which I was very excited about. This is my first litter of babies ever (although I've always had older kittens/cats) and just wasn't sure about the sagging fat/skin. I wasn't sure if it might indicate a problem or not. I didn't want to call the vet with yet another silly question from a concerned furgrandma unless I knew for sure that there really was a problem. I will bring it up with the vet at their regular scheduled appt. in 2 weeks but just needed some reassurance that I shouldn't go sooner. Thanks so much for the reply.

This is a pic of one of my babies.
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Ohhh, your babies are so beautiul, i want one! Mine too have some belly skin. I think it is like the fat pants you never get rid of...just waiting for you to grow into The one looks healthy and i think you can call your vet for no charge and ask if it makes you feel better.
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My ragdolls almost all have it, I call it their fat pockets or sacks All the kittens have it, I think it is so cute. Nacho's brother has a real big one his owner always laughs about his fat sack hanging to the floor
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Thanks you guys for reassuring me. I'm biased but I think my babies are the sweetest little things.
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