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I'm going to lose my baby :(

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It's not official yet but my baby girl Button has FIP. Button is a about 1 year and 3 months old. She's a beautiful calico kitty who loves people. We'll find out on Tuesday what the final results are. She already shows the clinical stages of FIP and they are giving her about 6-9months before I lose my baby. We have two other kitties who we just packed up and dropped off at my dads. We're hoping they didn't catch this also. I'm scared that they also have this infectious virus and that we'll lose them all. Has anyone out there gone thru this before or is going thru this right now? I love me three kitties and I'm an emotional wreck right now because I know I will be losing my first adopted kitty.
Bye for now,
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Oh, Jenny, What can we say? It's so heartbreaking. I hope that somehow or another the tests come back negative and that the other cats don't have it either. My thoughts will be with you and your baby.
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Jenny, I am sorry you are having to go through this. It's very hard dealing with the unknown and possible death.
FIP is a very hard thing to deal with. They determine the disease by using both clinical signs and a titer. There is no real way to test and get 100% accuracy unless it leads to death and they perform a necropsy. Most cats will test positive for exposure to a corona virus, but unless the cat has all the symtoms, there's no way to say for sure what the life expectancy is.
As for the transmission rate. It's very low unless they have had a knock down drag out fight with the infected cat. It takes either sex or an exchange of blood/saliva to transmit the disease. The transmission rate by just sharing litter boxes and feeding dishes is very low. In order for you to feel okay with the other 2, I would have a titer done on them every 3 months for the next year.
I really hope that there's another explanation for your babies illness!!
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I am so very sorry. I really don't know what to say, but I wanted to let you know I will be praying for your kitty.
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I'm so sorry to hear about your baby. That must be so hard to know that she won't be with you for a long time like you hoped. Hopefully the tests on your other kitties will come back ok. Let us know what you find out.
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Jenny - I am adding you and your fur family to my prayers.....
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Jenny, my thoughts are with you!!! I am so sorry!

I am curious, I don't know much about cat diseases, what causes FIP, how do they contract it? and what are the symptoms? Guess I should have asked this in the health forum, but since we are discussing it here, I thought I'd ask.
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Jenny - any updates on Buttons?
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