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Cecilia's murderer is sentenced

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I read this today and was very angry, although he recieved a life sentence he will still be eligible for parole in 15 years, they said that the crime was not severe enough to warrant the max 25 years without parole. Since when is killing a child not a severe crime!!, no matter what the circumstances??

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So what is a severe crime, exactly?
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I've heard that when he gets out he will deported back to China where he will face another trial!

What a stupid, idiotic and senseless crime.
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Since when is killing someone an "opps!" that warrents a light sentence. His lawyer apparently felt that 15 years was too much. Making a stupid mistake involves going 15 miles over the speed limit or shoplifting some lipstick, not murdering a child.
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Part of the reason for the lighter sentence seemingly is that he pleaded guilty and 'didn't put the parents through the trial'
I am not sure what would be worse, a trial or knowing your daughters life is only worth 15 of another persons ~shakes head~
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Life should mean life. It is disgusting that this guy only gets 15 years.
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It is very sad when a person that kills a child has another chance to have a normal life after jail. They should rot in there.
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In most US states, he would have gotten life, under the felony murder statutes. If someone dies, during the commission of a felony, the perpetrator is charged with first-degre murder. Since kidnapping is a felony, the rule would apply in this case.

The article states that he will be eligible for parole, in 15 years. It is not a forgone conclusion that he WILL be granted parole (if the Karla Homolka case is anything to go by, a soft-headed parole board may well let him go, though). If he is paroled and sent to China, for trial (conviction THERE is pretty much guaranteed), he'll be summarily executed.
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In this specific case, the crown had a very good circumstantial case but very little hard evidence connecting the accused to the crime. In fact, nobody really knew what exactly had happened to bring about this tragic result UNTIL Min Chen talked. In cases like this, the crown is faced with a difficult decision.....risk a trial, where the accused might have been aquitted or been convicted of a lesser charge, such as manslaughter, due to difficulty of prosecution, OR award a plea bargain where they can be assured of the outcome and where the accused must recount his crime and own up to it. While the outcome was hardly perfect, I am glad to see that they didn't risk this young man walking free or taking a manslaughter plea.
Nothing will bring this little girl back, heal the pain of her family, friends and community, or explain how this young man could have committed such an act, with forethought and intent. Ideally, we would lock him away forever. However, this is not an ideal world (as we all know) and not every case is filled with slam dunk evidence. This is not Law and Order. Perhaps Min Chen has gotten off lucky, but at least he was caught and convicted. Sadly, this is not always the case.
I for one am mostly concerned about what kind of time he will have dropped off his sentence for pre-trial time served, as is the custom around here.
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At least Cecilia will get justice in China I know in the Middle East some one caught doing this would be executed. There is nothing more reprehensible than snuffing out the life of an innocent child!
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I have to agree with Leli, that this is probably the best result that the prosecution could have hoped for. And yes, deportation to China will probably be the worst fate that Mr. Chen will get. May poor little Cecelia be playing happily in lovely meadows being cuddled & comforted by angels, surrounded by puppies & kittens who are over RB with her - poor, poor child; poor, poor mother....
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Thanks for posting that article. I've been waiting to find out exactly what happened, and was surprised at how "uninteresting" it was (I pictured an actual kidnap, holding her hostage, raping her, and then killing and dumping her). I'm disgusted at his sentence, though there are some good points about what'll happen when he's deported. My sister and I were just talking about Cecelia and that other girl, Tamra Keepness, last week (did they ever find Tamra?)
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