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Gracie's Mom

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Here is a picture of Gracie's mom. My husband and I have nicknamed her Marble.

I had hopes of taming her, but she is SO wild. Both she and Gracie were dumped off (in a box) at my neighbors house. Gracie made her way to our house and tamed up quite nicely. I don't think her mom was ever tame.

I snapped this picture of her this morning - she was out on our back porch. Luckilly I got one before she saw me. I wish she had been looking up - she has the most beautiful green eyes.
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wow she is gorgeous!
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She is a lovely looking cat I notice from your siggy that Gracie is black and white.

Is that all over ? or has she got any of mums color on her ?
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Gracie is only black and white, although thier heads (shape) and eyes are just alike
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"Marble" is very striking!
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She is so pretty! Too bad she hasnt tamed any......maybe she will eventually.
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