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I used to clean houses for a living as I did it for 10 years and trust me when I say this as its a personal way to clean your own house and if others are complaining about how they clean then their houses must be worse off then yours.

I clean my parents home as I live with them and the place stays as clean as I can keep it that way although its not easy when friends come and go like in my parents home.

If you have kids though its not always easy to keep it tidy as kids love to make messes. Just like pets do. hehehe.
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There is actually a TV show called "How Clean Is Your House." If anyone thinks they are a bad housekeeper, they should watch this show. One guy had not cleaned at all for 9 years! The toilet was BLACK! One person had a dog who chewed up the couch cushions and spread junk everywhere. I mean, these houses are filthy! And two ladies come from the UK to clean up filthy American homes. It is gross, and entertaining, and fun to watch!
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yep, once I saw that show I was like..... Im NOT a slob......

When I was in high school I had dishes, papers, school work, EVERYTHING everywhere! I've improved only cuz Im married and get embarassed if my hubby sees too much mess. Im as tidy as I can be..........but thanks to the internet, I slack alot. Right now im supposed to be taking care of things........and Im HERE ough!

I discovered ur supposed to clean AT LEAST under the cushions cuz the sofa likes to eat everything

Unfortunately my cats dont help, they like to take everything and hide it, I find stashes all the time. INCLUDING my jewelry! SO I try to be as tidy as I can so they wont steal my stuff.

If I were single I think I would be a complete slob, I dont mind a mess as long as theres no creatures ha ha! I LOVE a clean house, but if someone else does it. Its very fulfilling to do it urself but it gets dirty SO fast its like you never did ANYTHING
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Speaking of cleaning, I got my Mother's Day Gifts early. I got a Dirt Devil Power Sweeper and a Swiffer wet/dry mop! this makes cleaning SOOOOO much easier considering the new house has ALL TILE floors!
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Originally Posted by CDubbie
I'm tempted to invite company over...because that will make me clean!
We always try to have a couple of parties a year just to get the house thoroughly cleaned!

I grew up a clean freak and married a man who's proud of the fact that he doesn't notice dirt until its big enough to support major agriculture. He grew up in a small 3 bedroom house with 10 people so clutter doesn't phase him. It's the biggest point of contention in our marriage.

I dust when I can get thru the clutter and vacuum around the clutter. You can't clean a house when you need to spend an hour in each room to remove the clutter before you can clean it. I have a pact with my husband now that we've moved into a larger house that I will not accept clutter any longer - he finds a home for it in a cabinet or drawer or I throw it in the garbage. So far it's working, and I've talked him out of a lot of stuff (went to charities).

My kitchen is cleaned after every meal and the bathrooms cleaned weekly. Litter is scooped daily and I've bought electric brooms to sweep up the litter crumbs around the litter boxes (we are all carpet now). Laundry and vacuuming occur on weekends. Dusting and windows occur when they start to look bad. We get a lot of nose prints on the windows in this house.

For cleaning under things? You couldn't rearrange furniture at the old house - rooms too small and no incentive to move them to clean under them. We have big rooms here and plan to move and clean under them a few times a year. We found a couple dozen toys under the furniture and appliances when we moved out last month - pretty funny!
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I don't clean like I used to that's for sure But I do cleaning for a handful of special people I have worked for for over 4 years, I know I do a great job cleaning for other people but that's my job so I'm kinda like the shoemaker I guess. I used to be very peticular when I cleaned my house now I guess I'm worn out My Hubby said have someone come in then he said never mind you would clean it before they came and after they left I think when you get to the point of having done it for 40 yrs it doesn't seem to be the most important thing. I rather play with a mouse and the cats
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I did a big clean in the bedrooms last week, took the pictures down and cleaned them, took the light shades down and cleaned them. I even wiped the light bulbs. I washed all the paint work, cleaned the windows, hovered, dusted and polished. It looked lovely; I sat on the bed to admire it and spilt my coffee all over the clean bed. I don’t think I am ever going to clean again.
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Dusting the baseboards and the ceiling fan used to cross my mind occasionally, now it is "I have to have room on the counters to cook dinner! " With a two yr old who is an only child (but does do a good job of entertaining herself- and now has a dog to get into trouble with (sometimes they are both in timeout at the same time) ,my not so great housecleaning has turned into "at least kill the germs and dust later!" adventure! The spirit is willing, but the flesh.can be oh so weak.. Picking up and vacuumming is about the most that gets done around here regularly and I moan when my husband offers to help me vacuum, because I know he is going to pullout the recliners and endtables!
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Well...Anthony calls me a clean freak. My house is spot less, I clean my house every Saturday; Vacuum, sweep, mop the foors after, dust, clean all the bathrooms from top to bottom. Do the laundry.
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I am a neat freak. I can not stand for things to be messy and unorganized. Every weekend, usually on Sunday mornings I do a deep clean. I scrub the kitchen, including appliaces. Then I clean the kitchen floor on my hands and knees with one of those Mr. Clean magic erasers. Those things clean the floor so well that it is spotless when you are through. Then I move onto the rest of the house where I dust, vacuum the carpeted rooms, and mop the wood floor and bathroom floors. I clean the all the window sills, scrub the bathrooms, change the litter in Dori's box, clean all the tv screens and computer moniters, etc. I basically scrub the entire house. Then sweep off the back patio, pool deck, and garage (every other week or so).
Every day when I get home from work I spend about 20-30 minutes tidying up. I run the vacuum, sweep the kitchen, wipe down the bathroom counters, run a load of laundry if needed, and scopp Dori's box. I always clean the kitchen after a meal
Once a month or so I get in the mood to clean out things. I will go through the closets and throw away things we are not using. I hate clutter!

We always joke that I am OCD about cleaning because, for example, if the living room is a mess I can not sit down and relax to watch tv. I have to clean it first
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Originally Posted by lunasmom
I swear I use to be a clean person!!!!

However I moved in with my boyfriend and his wrappers and garbage can't seem to find the garbage can. At first it made me angry, , but he keeps doing it. Now I won't even touch. I throw out most of my things, why can't he throw out his?

Oh and his soda addiction is disgusting too...It wouldn't be bad if he put the soda bottles where they're suppose to go (soda bin). Instead they go on the counter right next to the fridge.

I try to super clean once a week, but with the constant mess it just goes right back to square one within an hour.
Ummm, we should be best friends! I swear we have the same husband... it drives me INSANE! And let me tell you, my trash is 2 feet away from the table, the counter, and the fridge...but he puts the wrappers/cans/bottles on the table or ontop of the microwave. Never in the trash...

But cleaning for me: dishes- every other day, vaccuum- 2-3x per wk (hubby will do a not so good spot vaccuum 2x I do it once thoroughly, carpets up & shaken out etc.), bathroom 1p/wk thoroughly (I use Lysol wipes on the sink & toilet 2-3x I have bad spitter/rinsers that brush their teeth), kitchen- I wipe down after dishes every other day & only mop like once a month...we vaccuum it, dust- 1x per wk, litter- scoop every other day empty & scrub w/lysol 1xp wk, aquarium 1 every 2-3 weeks. And I too have cluttered piles of mail to be sorted & filed on my desk.

But I'm sorry, behind the stove, & refrigerator are a part of spring cleaning...meaning you do it once at the beginning of springtime. That's my story & I'm sticking to it!!!
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Ever since I moved in, I've been great about keeping the place really clean and sparking and smelling wonderful (which, with 3 cats in less than 500 suare feet is a daunting task)...then this stinky quarter happened and I've let it fall by the wayside. I haven't had a day completely to myself since March, therefore, no cleaning. Which is making me even more stressed, depressed and frustrated than I am from this busy, stupid, horrible quarter.
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I usually end up tidy-ing up daily - it seems like even with 2 people and one cat, things seem to be put where they aren't supposed to - and I end up cleaning what I just picked up!

I do a SUPER clean every Sunday morning - vaccuum, dust, clean up, mop the floors - ect. Of course, Harley is a super helper...NOT! He loves the broom!

The only thing that doesn't get picked up as much as it should, is the bedroom! For some reason, it always looks like my closet has thrown up - and my clothes are spread randomly around the bedroom - I can never make up what I want to wear to work - so what I don't wear, ends on the floor

I like to keep a clean house though - we are always having friends over - and it just bugs me when they have to see a dirty house!
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The only thing that doesn't get picked up as much as it should, is the bedroom! For some reason, it always looks like my closet has thrown up - and my clothes are spread randomly around the bedroom - I can never make up what I want to wear to work - so what I don't wear, ends on the floor

That's my house! I spend all my time cleaning the rest of the house I'm beat by the time I get to my bedroom!!! And the beautiful king size 4 poster bed I HAD TO HAVE is nothing more than a clothing rack for the things I tried on and decided the extra 20lbs didn't look so hot crammed into a size 10.
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