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The answer to Reality TV withdrawls

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I had been anticipating a summer of reality TV withdrawals, but not any longer. The Mole is back. The 1st one was my favourite reality TV program (yes - even more then Survivor). It kept me guessing the whole way thru. The Mole 2 started shortly after 9/11, but was pulled after 2 episodes due to world emotional climate. They are starting from the 1st episode again on May 28 - that is this Tuesday Woooooohooooooooo! Here is a link to find out more. http://abc.abcnews.go.com/primetime/...mole_home.html

Did anyone else like the 1st Mole? Will anyone be watching this next batch of people try to win the money?
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My S/O is a BIG reality TV fan. I enjoy Survivor, but I was dissapointed with Big Brother 2, and The Amazing Race 2... however since HE is in 'control' of the remote, we'll be watching The Mole 2, along with BB3 (or whichever one it is) and any other reality show on this summer!
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You just saved my life! I think TV lately has been the "vast wasteland" spoken of so many years ago. There are few programs that I consider worthwhile. I enjoy all the Discover type channels, ER and the Practice, oh-and Everybody Loves Raymond, but not much else. I forgot!! The BBC has some good programs too. Still, I will miss Survivor and I thoroughly enjoyed the Mole, and can't wait until Tuesday. I'm looking forward to Big Brother also, but I don't think it starts until July.
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I have never watched the mole, so I'm not sure what it is about....guess I better check the link you posted....I will check this show out on Tuesday if I don't forget! Thanks for the tip!
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Okay,I read the link....from what I am understanding, they play games, like they did on Survivor, but one of them is secretly trying to lose the games, or cause fellow players to screw up? Is that right??? And then at the end of each show they all guess who they think it is, or something like that? Am I close?
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The mole is trying to sabotage every effort to earn more money at tasks without giving himself away. Since everyone has a problem with one aspect or another at the tasks, whether it be physical or intellectual, every one looks guilty at one time or another. People keep detailed notes, because the low score after a quiz about the mole leaves the show. I enjoyed it. The mole, if he/she is good, can seem like the most trustworthy person there!
I was disappointed in the Amazing Race 2. We didn't get to know the people well, because conversation was at a minimum and often all but drowned out by background music. Also, the director and producers elected to film parts of the visited countries that were not the parts I would want to see. Back streets and remote shops in malls are not as appealing as temples and nature. They also focused so much on the separated couple I didn't feel loyalty to anyone. I didn't feel as if I knew them.
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Can the mole actually do well at one of the games, just to throw everyone off, or do they pretty much consistantly do poorly? This sounds really interesting!!!!!!!
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Yes, at times that would be the best strategy, or it might be necessary if the mole feels he might be exposed. If someone suspects you, and you know it, you do nothing. When I watched the program, I was shocked at the end, so the mole did a good job! Looking back you see what they did, but everyone makes mistakes. The mole just does it deliberately.
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I'm not much on Survivor, Mole and such. I DO like Fear Factor and am looking forward to Dog Eat Dog. I REALLY miss Boot Camp. I thought that was really good. (I went through Army basic training so I could relate to what they were going through)

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I watched The Mole Tuesday, and it was really good! I felt sorry for those girls who thought their luggage had all been burned, and they had things inside that were precious to them...glad to see they really didn't burn it!
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