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How Long Is 1st Stage Labour

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Hi Everyone: I Haven't Visited For A While But Now I Have A Question I Hope Someone Can Answer, My Himalayan Is In Labour And Has Been Breathing Heavy For 15 Hours. She Seems To Stop Every Once In A While, Temperature Has Dropped And Milk Is Present
She Had To Have A C-section With The First Litter As It Was 1 Large Kitten, She Had A Slightly Bloody Discharge That The Vet Wasn't Concerned About This A.m. How Long Should I Let Her Go Before I Consider Another C Section? No Straining Is Visible Yet
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Tia...did you look at the links here:

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I hope she is ok. Please keep us up to date. I have no advice but the link that was posted. But am sending prayers.
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Thanks For The Links But After Reading Them They Describe What She Is Doing To A Tee But Don't Give Any Indication As To Time Frames?
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On other sites I have read 12-36 hours is normal. Hope this helps. Keep us posted.
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How is Tia any babies yet...
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Nothing Yet There Is No Change, I Will Give Her A Couple Of More Hours Then I Will Take Her To The Vet. I Just Hate To See Her Have To Have A C-section Again
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I Have Taken Tia To The Vet And They Determined She Would Need Another C-section So I Opted To Have Her Spade At The Same Time. I Won't Put Her Through That Again. I Will Keep You Posted
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When is the C section schedule for? Im sorry but it sound like it is for the best.
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Oh Poor Tia that she has to have another c-section. Keep us updated and glad, but sorry she will have to be spayed also.
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The C-section Was Done Around 4p.m. And I Just Talked To The Vet And She Is Fine As Are Her 5 Kittens. That Is Good News Because We Only Thought There Were 4. So That Helps With The Cost A Bit.
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YEA!! Congradulations! Have you seen them yet? When do they get to come home?
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Poor Girl! Congratulations on the babies! I was told by my vet that if a queen is ever c-sectioned that they will always have to deliver c-section after that. I had my persian queen c-sectioned as well. I also raise Himi's, What colorpoint is your girl?
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The kittens came home a half hour ago and they are doing great along with momma, she seems a little bewildered but content and they are all eagerly nursing. Her family is complete.
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