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Daily thread 05/12/06

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So how is everyone's day going so far... any plans?
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Goood Friday Morning. NO weekend plans for me. I have to clean house and do laundry that's for sure! And I am going to my parents house for Mother's Day.
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No big plans. Enjoy a quiet weekend at home and work around the house.

The boys and Eric are going to help me finish my front garden for Mothers Day.
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no plans here either! just working (as usual) this weekend and relaxing with the kits!
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We are supposed to get 4+ inches of rain this weekend, so I will be building an ark Seriously, I will be in the cellar getting some things up off the floor, and making sure everything in the yard is secure. I'm going to try to go for a quick walk this morning before the rain starts. It will be a definitely be a weekend doing things inside. Maybe I will finally get some things organized around here
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Hello, just getting ready for lunch !

So far its been a pretty ugly day out! And the temperature has dropped! Last week we were 70s this week we're in the 50s. Bbbrrr...
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Its beautiful here today. I am starving as its almost lunch time here too. I have no idea what I am having for lunch. A big meal though! LOL! So Hungry!!
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Hello all,

its a cool day here. I have to take my son, Telaryn to his asthma specialist appointment, and then I have to go shop for some new clothes for New Mexico and then tonight, for my birthday (I'm 20) we are going out to supper with my friends from school.

My birthday wish is for kyle to have the house cleaned when I get back from shopping LOL.
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Good Morning to everyone!

Plans for the weekend?...thinking to go at the BASEBALL GAME of our local team! the LIONS!!!
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I'm so glad it's FRIDAY! I have less than 2 hours left at work (only work until noon), then I'll go home and hug the kitties.

Not a lot planned for this weekend except for going to officially see a house that we may/probably will move into later this summer. We're already thinking of what colors to paint, since we'll be able to be rid of white walls! LOL I'll fill in more later once it's more finalized.
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Its 7.30pm now and i have done nothing much.

Pete was sleeping as he has come off a night shift up until 12 noon when a thunder storm hit. Torrential rain and hail stones woke him up and he couldn't get back to sleep. He has just left to go to work again with only having about 4 hours sleep.

Had to go out for cat biscuit and a bit of shopping, took some photo's of the cats sleeping (not very good ones ) and am now catching up on TCS.

Found myself way behind on the Fur Pictures forum, not that its a hardship looking at all the lovely moggy photo's
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I've just been having a lazy day so far for my birthday. Its about 1:30 here, so I'm headed to the YMCA to work out and then come back home and relax before we head out tonite!

I hope everyone is having a great day!
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Have a great evening
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