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A watched cat never goes into labor. lol

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Good morning everyone. How often do you check on your cat to see if she has started labor? I'm doing it every 30 min. Do you think that can stop her? When she is out she lays right by me wherever I go, so I feel bad about leaving her locked up by herself, but I have two other cats. Any experience would be great to hear. PATIENCE. lol
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when my cat was in labour she became very clingy especially with my dog who she is very close to and she became quite figity, the next thing i noticed she was straining, it only took a couple of hours and it was over

i dont think checking can stop her but then again every cat was different, mine is that close to me she didn't seem to mind

are your other cats close to her? my dog was in the room the entire time she was in labour and she never minded one bit

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Thats great!! Sweet puppy. Shreky is really mean and bossy to the other cats which are her sisters. I blamed that on her being the last one fixed that she is moody. She still beats them up even while pregnant. She slapped Garfield just this morning for no reason.
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awww she is maybe hormonal lol

the male cat i have is really bossy with milly the female, he is her kitten from the first litter but maybe that is cos he hasn't been neutered yet

i would suggest if she is like that with your other cats maybe seperating them for the labour and afterwards is a good idea, i dont know how true this is so dont quote me on it but i was told once a cat will kill her kittens if she feels threatened with other animals present so just try and be a bit careful, luckily i didnt have that problem, she even let the dog look and sniff very soon after the birth

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I hope they dont I checked on SKittles every 3 hours. Of course she sleeps with me but last night she was awful. She paces a lo and groomed alo. Today I tried to pet her belly like I always do she tried to play bite I hope it was a play. She did leak milk last night but I am us to it with her. SHe has 9 babies to poop out. I hope she does it ok. I keep watching her.
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You can usually feel the labour coming on...put your palm on her belly - you should be able to feel the contractions and the kittens feel over-active. I hope you have the nesting box ready!
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Yep I do but she wont stay in it. Last night she was so restless. I think she loves my bed. She stays on it. Or under it when the frame is on it lol
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