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Annoying Kitty

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I've had my cat since I was 12. It never fails that wherever I go, she won't be far behind (unless she's sleeping or eating.) She follows me all over the house, in to the bathroom, upstairs, downstairs. She even tries to predict where I'm going and will sort of speed up her walk to get there before me and then I'll purposely change my direction and she comes right after me.

If I'm downstairs in the basement and she's upstairs, as soon as she hears me moving around downstairs she comes storming down the stairs. Most nights she sleeps on my bed with me and just comes and goes during the night as she pleases (pushes my door open and I have to close it about 5 times a night because of her coming in and out) If I go to the bathroom or take a shower, after I'm done she's usually waiting for me. Also in the basement we have a bathroom and the lock doesn't work and you can just push it open because the latch doesn't catch right and I'll be in there and she'll shove the door wide open with no care of what I'm doing.

I'll be sitting at the computer and she'll jump up and sprawl herself on me, lie on my arms so I can't use them, or jump on the desk and rub herself on the monitor.

I give her tons of attention, so I don't think she's starved for it.

It seems like 90% of the time she has to be where I am and it's starting to get annoying; well the basement bathroom thing is probably the most annoying thing because if I'm in the middle of peeing it leaves me in a vulnerable and awkward situation if someone should happen to walk by at that exact moment :P

Sorry for rambling, I realise cats love their owners, she's just weird. And don't get me wrong I love her to death, she's purring away on my lap right now, lol
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Ah, many would say it is awesome, a cat behaving like a dog - and charge double price!

I´m sure you will be helped if she has a cat-pal. Perhaps a friendly neutered male. Or something. almost any friendly cat will do, she is apparently starving after company.

And dont worry, she will still love you, you will still be her beloved Ma, but she will not be any longer bothersome to you.
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Well we have her and my mum also has a cat. We also have a dog and there's 4 other people living in the house. There's plenty of attention for her and it's only me she does it to. It's definitely not for lack of attention or companionship and she's been this way for as far back as I can remember.
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I was perhaps a little unclear. Yes she has attention and people and animals around. Good. What she needs is a close cat-friend as hers nearest pal living together with you both.

And of course you, her Mom.
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Why don't you fix the lock on the bathroom?
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Originally Posted by Larke
Why don't you fix the lock on the bathroom?
Well it's not just the lock, the frame is warped from moisture and so the door doesn't even close properly. Everytime my dad fixes it it just warps again.
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Originally Posted by StefanZ
I was perhaps a little unclear. Yes she has attention and people and animals around. Good. What she needs is a close cat-friend as hers nearest pal living together with you both.

And of course you, her Mom.

Like I said, we do have another cat.
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Originally Posted by pooperscooper
Like I said, we do have another cat.
Ah, so your mum lives not in the same building but different apartament, but you are all living together?? OK.

How is she with the other cat? Are they real pals? Laying down together, slicking each other, playing, doing merry chases??

Or if they are most tolerating each other??

Im thinking further now. What if she is feeling uncomfortable with, say the dogs.

Most cats go and hide themselves.
She is seeking protection by being together with you... ???
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My two follow me everywhere, including the bathroom. To me it's normal
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
My two follow me everywhere, including the bathroom. To me it's normal
I don't think I'd like to have it any other way!
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It's normal. Whitey and Luna follow me around all the time. If they really want me to focus on them, they'll let me know by either laying in front of the book I'm reading or sitting in front of the monitor.

I give them plenty of attention too. I think i would feel really lonely if either of them stopped following me.
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You should try 3 or 4 in the bathroom with you. If one gets left out they either cry to be let in or stick their arm under the door until you open up.

It's actually quite normal.
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This is just my opinion, but it sounds like you have an affectionate cat who has become very attached to you. And what's wrong with that?

My Snowball follows me everywhere too, and if he can't find me he calls to me, (the same way a lost kitten calls to it's mother). When I say Snowball's name in response to his calls he comes to me immediately. I just love it when he does these things!
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Hmm okay, now I don't think she's so weird if it's the normal thing, and most of you experience the same thing, lol.
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yeah, my Simon is the same way always has to be within earshot of me and cries when I'm not around. I don't even bother shutting the bathroom door anymore when I'm sitting on the couch he has to plant his big butt right on lap and forget out reading the paper! your kitty just loves you
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I have to agree that it is quite normal and I love it.

When I’m in the shower my two boys wait patiently on the bathroom rug until the water is turned off and then jump in before I’ve even got two feet out yet.

Little Pete follows, but not only follows.. he likes to run right through my feet as I’m walking. I’ve grown accustomed to walking around the house VERY carefully He never gets hurt, but I’ve tripped a bunch of times.

Shorty sleeps on top of my pillow and must have one paw on my head during the night. God forbid I roll over, he'll get up and move to a place where my head is within reach again.

All normal and I love it all
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It is normal here too! I could be up in my room on the computer and my cats (6 of them) are asleep or whatever, but the second I go into the bathroom which is right next to my bedroom, they are all in there right after me. If i shut the door they push it open and if I latch the door shut, they rip up the carpet to get in

When I take a shower too, they are in there with me and 2 of them even sit on the ledge of the bathtub.
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Very normal!

Heck, before we moved in with Patches and Beauty, Luna use to sit on my lap when I went to the bathroom!
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I would be sad if Zissou didn't do all that stuff! Actually I know she's sick if she doesn't come running and following me around. When I open the shower curtain after a shower and Zissou isn't sleeping on the rug in the bathroom I get worried that she's gotten out somehow!
There is NO shutting the door here! You have to crack the door for her or she'll just sit outside and cry the whole time you're in there.
I also love how she pretends she's not following me (yours does this too I think) by trying to beat me where I'm going like it's her idea and I'm following her, and how she HAS to be sitting in the same room as me but will sit by the door or something like she's not!

Let her know if you need a little space. Often they'll comply. Throw a toy or something out of the room, so you kind of are playing with her but she's not attached to you.

Zissou is jealous of the computer too! She comes and stands right on the edge so she's blocking the whole screen until I love on her.
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This is just charming! Mine follows me everywhere. Even this : when I get up in the morning to go to the bathroom to do what most humans do when they get there in the morning, half of the time she goes in her litter box at the same time, to pee also :-)
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My Jaffa follows me everywhere. I can't imagine getting ready in the mornings without him there to lend a paw. Sometimes when I'm trying to brush my teeth he hides behind the shower curtain and pounces at my raised elbow And my new kitten tries to jump onto my lap when I use the loo - sitting target!
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Try having 6 in a half bath sometime, talk about crowded!
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