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Scared Of Eatting

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Last month my calico kitten (almost one) was eatting like always like a little pig on her dry cat food and she started choking.She is okay now other then afterwards she refused to eat or even drink or even go near where it had happen.I had to buy her very tiny dry cat food and feed her and water her in her very own little corner. I ended up switching all the other cats to the same food hoping she would go back to the way she used to eat I am now having to give her 3 or 4 cans of wet food a day just to make her gain weight she is still very shy I guess the word is to eat without me sitting there she just picks when i'm not next to her.Is there anything else I can try to make her gain her weight back other then cutting and making sure everything is very small? maybe add vitamins but i wouldn't know what kind I'm kinda worried cause she went from 8 punds down to 6 but she isn't losing anymore I'm making sure of that If anyone has any other ideas please let me know .Thank you
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Take kitty to the vet asap .... what food did she eat???
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Losing weight at her age is bad. i agreee take her to a vet.
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The food was kitten kaboodle and yeah I have a appointment for later today thanks
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ovey Kittenkaboodle is what is considered the "Junk Food" way to much filler and not enough of the good stuff.

Hope the vet visit goes well and give her time to find her confidence again.

Goof Luck!
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okay sorry I haven't posted well I took my girl to the vet and he said everything is fine he said stick to the smaller bites of dry food and wet food long as she eats she is good I'm soon getting her fixed to solve the whole I'm to horny to eat biz cause that just drives me nuts and he said its normal so all is well =)
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