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Sasha was called to a bigger responsibility this evening. He joined his beloved little brother Freddie and his wonderful, loving mama SiSi in heaven, as a champion. He was laid to rest wrapped in his white baby blanket which SiSi nursed him on, and his red furry heart was placed over his own heart, with locks of hair from his mama, Freddie, Saba, and me. He had all his catnip bees at his paws, and we left one out for Saba.

He is resting peacefully in the backyard with the big kitty rock between him and Freddie. As we lowered him into the earth he loved so much, the cold Spring wind stopped and suddenly it was warm. The sun came out and cast golden light over us, as catnip seeds were planted in his place and bulbs of narcissus were put in circle with stones for the earth, the sun, the wind, and the moon.

I know he was hanging on, staying....just for me. So the last thing I said to my Absolute Coyote-Clubbing Champion was "Lovey, you're good to go." - and he tucked his little head into my neck and said goodbye.

The windows in our house are all open tonight. We can see his spot from every room through the light of 14 white candles. I am elated that he has returned to the natural world and I have no doubt Saba will be watched over, as well as me.
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That was beautiful. But I really can't say any more right now because I can't see my screen. Hugs.
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Sasha, you're so very loved and forever cherished.
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I admire you E so much- God bless all of you
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May Sahsa rest in peace as he watches over those who loved him so dearly.
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What a beautiful, beautiful tribute. Your words will bring much comfort & courage to those who are facing similar dilemmas, and need to find the strength to put the needs of their furbaby first, and make the right decision (I'm thinking of those desperate cat owners who are just visiting the site, looking for answers for their beloved cats). And Sasha, Godspeed over RB, dear sweet friend - greet all our "crossed-over TCS kitties" for us. I know that when the winds stilled & the air grew warm, it was Heaven's window opening up to let your spirit in...
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Sasha darling - you are loved by so many people from around the world. We are all honoured to have known you - your such an amazing boy and the rainbow bridge is lucky to have you now. I know that SiSi & Freddie would of been there waiting for you and to give you your wings.

Enjoy your wings our sweet darling angel
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There was a wonderful rainbow here late this afternoon. Couldn't help but think of you. Must have been the Bridge getting ready to welcome our wonderful boy. And what a crowd of kitty friends were there to greet you, too, I'm guessing.

What a lovely tribute, E, for such a special boy.
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What a wonderful tribute to your beloved, Elizabeth!

I know that Sasha is now happily playing with SiSi, Freddie and all the other kitties and will remain in the hearts of so many who were privilaged to have known him

He will always be a part of your soul

Play happily, Sweet Sasha
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There will be many tears shed in this household tonight over that special little cat.

Thinking of you Eddie.
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Oh wow. That was beautiful Eddie. You are so strong and now your big guy is in heaven watching over you and saba. Bless is heart. I bet he's playing so happily at the bridge
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Theres a little boy in heaven right now running to greet his mum SiSi and little brother Freddie with the biggest headbutts he can give, and his name is Sasha

This is Eddies favourite picture that she wanted up of her little boy and a gorgeous one it is

Run fast over the bridge Sasha sweetie and have fun but don't forget to keep looking down to make sure your mum, dad, Saba and Sandy are all ok

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Oh my you guys........I'll have to get back to this.............oh my............
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Oh this is so hard to read. Sasha has a special place in my heart and I feel the pain of his loss as if I have lost one of my own. Many tears are being shed here Eddie.

Sasha - you were one in a million and will definitely not be forgotten.

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It took all my strength to open this thread this morning. I expected it, but it really hit me when I saw it

Sasha, you have been such an inspiration to all of us here at TCS. I hope you are standing proud today at the bridge as you look down and see how many lives you touched. Run and play with your mom and brother, have fun but make sure to check in on your mum down here on earth from time to time. She loves you so very much, we all do sweet boy

Eddie, sweetie, I am keeping you in my prayers. You showed such amazing courage last night and we are all admire you so much for it. We love you and are here for you whenever you need us
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Alright, I can see the screen better now........

even though you know something is coming, death is such a hard thing for me to prepare for. E, you are truly a wonderful person/friend, and please know that Sasha is happily with SiSi and Freddie and is happy/pain free again.

All my prayers are with you..........
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RIP dearest Sasha
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Eddie, Thank you for sharing Sasha with us. It is a lovely tribute to a handsome wonderful cat.
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RIP sweet Sasha You will be remembered with love. My thoughts and prayers are with you Eddie.
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That was a beautiful tribute to a special boy. Play happily sweet Sasha with your friends and family over the Bridge. Watch over your loved ones down here until you meet again.
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for you
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Sasha, you were an inspiration to so many.
RIP darling angel.
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Sasha - you are remembered with so much love. You were such a courageous kitty and a wonderful companion to our dear friend Eddie. Your family will be feeling your loss tonight, but they know that you knew great happiness and love in your life.

Goodbye handsome Sasha

Eddie - my heart is with you. Sasha was laid to rest beautifully, you have so many lovely memories to treasure.
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Originally Posted by squirtle
It took all my strength to open this thread this morning. I expected it, but it really hit me when I saw it
It made my heart hurt to see his name here.

What a beautiful tribute to your special boy! I can only imagine how overjoyed Freddie and SiSi are to see him again. I know you all will miss him terribly, but he will be well taken care of until you see him again.

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Originally Posted by kluchetta
That was beautiful. But I really can't say any more right now because I can't see my screen. Hugs.
these tears do make it hard to see what a lovely tribute to your coyote-clubbing boy! you are so brave & kind for helping him in his time of need...
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Elizabeth, your tribute to Sasha was very beautiful and very hard to read. He was such a special and beautiful little cat and he inspired us all.

to you and Eric.

R. I. P. sweet Sasha
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RIP Sasha. E-you made me cry but it's all good. Take care.
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Originally Posted by Lorie D.
Elizabeth, your tribute to Sasha was very beautiful and very hard to read. He was such a special and beautiful little cat and he inspired us all.

to you and Eric.

R. I. P. sweet Sasha
Well said. Your tribute was very moving, I can picture exactly how things look. You prepared a very lovely site for his resting place, and I'm sure he appreciated his catnip toys I just bet he is having a blast now with all his ( and our ) furfriends.

RIP dear Sasha
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....I´m spechless my friend!....

But I´m here crying for you and for sasha!...Good Bless you Edd!
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What a wonderful tribute, I am so very sorry for your loss.
RIP Sasha, you touched so many people, without even meeting them.
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