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PRAYERS for my brother in law,please!

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My brother in law was driving this evening back to his job site(in a flat bad truck, w/ trailor) and the wind caught his tire and he flipped over! So far all he has is a broken arm-thank goodness!! But hes going to be so sore and need some healing vibes and prayers to help him thru this ordeal plz!!! Thanks guys-you sure help in times like this.
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Sending lots of {{{prayers & vibes}}} for your BIL's speedy recovery - how fortunate that he had only moderate injuries - to think that he could've be trapped in the cab - I shudder to think!! And tell him that I say "Thank You" for being one of those truck drivers ! My dad worked for Division of Highways (now CalTrans) and used to tell us kids, "The highways are the veins of our nation, and the trucks are the blood! Without truckers, we wouldn't have the American Standard of Living" so I really respect & appreciate truckers!
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Yikes! I hope he feels better soon and that his arm heals quickly. He will be in my prayers. Thank heavens he wasn't injured more.
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Sending him plenty of healing thoughts.
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I am sending tons of healing vibes!!
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Oh my goodness. Thankfully his injuries weren't worse than that. Hopefully he will be feeling better quick!
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so sorry to heard that!
My prayers are with you and him!
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Thank you all for the vibes and prayers. He does have a broken arm(his right one-got figure, hes right handed) his back is bruised and swollen. He had a really rough night last night I guess-couldnt get comftorable and stuff. So just please continue to keep him in your thoughts and prayers.
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Sending many healing prayers and vibes.
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Sending lots of prayers! Hope he feels better soon.
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Sending vibes. He is really lucky his injuries weren't more serious!!!
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sorry to hear about that! I know that it sucks! Just this morning a little something happened with my sister's friend that was driving us to our school-we were trying to drive by, and the old lady hit us with her car! It wasn't a big deal though, but the cops WERE involved! But that's nothing compared to what your brother had to go through-prayers!
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