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potty questions

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How does a kitten learn to use the litter box? My kittens are now 4 weeks old today. Yesterday I did catch one trying to squat so i rush the box to him (i kept the box there) and when I put him in it he did pee. That only happend the one time. They don't seem to want to even try or understand lol Mama cat isn't showing them either at this point! Is there something I can do? One of them left a lil poop on my brand new carpet! So any help on helping this process go a lil easier is much needed!!
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4 weeks still young. mom will help.
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You will want to confine them to a very small area to introduce them to the litter. I use an extra-large dog crate for this, but a small bathroom (preferably with an easy-to-clean floor) works equally as well. Put them in the area with their litter box about 5 minutes after they eat or nurse. The act of eating begins the digestive process and allows the previously digested food to begin exiting the body ... so right after they eat is an especially good time to sit with them, put them in the box and if an accident happens, use a small amount of toilet tissue to clean it up, then put the soiled tissue in the litter - they will get the hang of it.
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